Radio DJ Eva Koreman also participates in Expeditie Robinson.

Earlier it was announced that Rob Geus, YouTubers Kalvijn and Onnedi and radio DJ Frank van der Lende, among others, are competing for the Robinson title this year.

The first episode of Expeditie Robinson will be broadcast on Sunday 1 September at 8 p.m. The program will be on show for sixteen weeks and a total of twenty participants will participate, all of whom are well-known Dutchmen.

YouTuber Onnedi (real name Dionne Slagter), Dolly Dots singer Anita Heilker and RTL News reporter Jaap van Deurzen will also compete for the Robinson title next season.

The new season of Expeditie Robinson is presented by Nicolette Kluijver and former participant Kaj Gorgels, who takes over the presentation from Dennis Weening. It is the first time that the program is broadcast on RTL 4 on Sunday. Expedition Robinson was previously shown on RTL 5 on Thursday.