The Council of State has temporarily suspended the construction of a new-build district in Roermond on Wednesday, due to an earlier court ruling on nitrogen rules.

According to the Council of State, the Limburg municipality used the Nitrogen Approach Program (PAS) in the zoning plans for the residential area. On 29 May, however, the administrative court ruled that this plan to reduce nitrogen in the Netherlands was not sufficiently effective.

As far as is known, Melickerveld in Roermond is the first new-build district in the Netherlands, which is not allowed to continue due to the nitrogen ruling. Therefore, 470 new-build homes cannot yet be built.

For the same reason, the director of the board also destroyed the plans for the development of the Future Center Wageningen in the Wageningse Berg stadium and for a new connecting road in Boxtel for the same reason.

Hundreds of construction projects are standing still

The government had already given permission for all kinds of construction projects based on the PAS before 29 May. Large government projects such as Lelystad Airport and the widening of the A12 and A9 must therefore be reviewed.

In provinces alone, 1,571 procedures were closed or permits that had to be reviewed again, it turned out last month after asking RTL News .


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