Cargo Aircraft Panel Dropped in flight or arrived at Narita Airport from Los Angeles August 14th 12:30

On the morning of the 14th, it was found that a panel weighing approximately 500 grams had disappeared from the aircraft of the cargo plane that arrived at Narita Airport, and the airline is investigating the cause as it may have fallen during the flight.

According to the Narita Airport Office of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the engine panel on the right wing of the Boeing 747 was lost after 7:30 am on the 14th. I found it in the inspection after landing.

The panel is made of aluminum about 15 cm long, about 30 cm wide and weighs about 500 grams, and the Narita Airport Company has inspected the runway but has not been found.

Polar Air Cargo commented, “Parts may have fallen during the flight, and the cause is being investigated.

Regarding falling objects from aircraft, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has obliged all airlines entering Japan to take measures such as refurbishing parts that fall easily and educating mechanics.