770 threatening e-mails International Art Festival Aichi Prefecture reported damage to police August 14 23:59

Aichi Prefecture has received 770 threatening e-mails, such as “Sprinkle sarin and gasoline,” over the international art festival “Aichi Triennale” held in Aichi Prefecture. A report of damage was submitted to the police and accepted.

According to Aichi Prefecture, after the opening of the “Aichi Triennale” on the 1st of this month, 770 threatening emails were sent to the departments in charge of the prefecture and the secretary department from the 5th to the 9th.

Half of the e-mails are directed to the department in charge of the art festival, such as "sprinkle gasoline to prefectural facilities and schools to ignite", "sprinkle sarin and gasoline to prefectural offices", and "shoot and kill staff" Part of the content is that there was the same text. Aichi Prefecture reported that it had troubled the operation of the art festival and submitted a damage report to the police on the 14th on the suspicion of impeding its power.

For the Aichi Triennale, a man was arrested on the 7th of this month for sending a fax intimidating to remove the girl image that symbolizes the comfort women issue on display and forcing part of the exhibition to be canceled.