“Golden Catfish” Popular with children Tottori August 14 10:16

This is a facility in Tottori City, where local sea creatures are exhibited, and the rare whole-body catfish is popular among children during the summer vacation.

Approximately 160 types of fish and crabs that live in the local sea are on display at Tottoriga Rokkakko Museum in Tottori City, which is crowded with many families during the summer vacation.

An exhibition titled “Golden Catfish” is gaining popularity, and a golden catfish, about 55 cm long, was fished in a river in the prefecture and brought into the facility last month.

According to the facility, catfish that become golden due to pigment abnormalities are rarely seen, but it is rare to grow large because it is easily targeted by external enemies.
The children approached the aquarium and looked at the golden catfish with interest.

A 6th grade boy who was visiting from Tokyo said, “I was cool with a golden body. I would like to have a free study during summer vacation.”

The “Golden Catfish” will be on display until the 31st of this month and will be kept in the facility.