Typhoon No. 10 Canceled due to ferry departing and arriving at Shikoku, August 14 at 0:51

Typhoon No. 10 is affecting transportation in and out of Shikoku.

On the 14th and 15th, the cancellation of all flights is scheduled on the “Uwajima Transport Ferry” route between Yawatahama Port in Ehime Prefecture and Beppu Port in Oita Prefecture, and between Yawatahama Port and Usuki Port in Oita Prefecture.

A route that connects Yawatahama Port and Usuki Port of the “Kurushi Orange Ferry”.

A route that connects Misaki in Ikata-cho, Ehime and Saga-Seki in Oita Prefecture on the National Highway 94 Ferry.

The "Shikoku Orange Ferry" is also departing from Osaka Port and leaving for Toyo Port in Ehime Prefecture on the 14th and 15th.

The departure from Kobe Port to Niihama in Ehime Prefecture will be suspended until the 18th of this month due to the maintenance of the hull.

The "Matsuyama-Kokura Ferry" has also been canceled from both Matsuyama Kanko Port and Kokura Port on the 14th.

In addition, Nankai Ferry connecting Tokushima Port and Wakayama Port will be canceled on the 14th, 12 flights from the departure from Tokushima Port at 8:00 am to the final flight and all day on 15th.

Each company wants you to check the latest information on its website.