Fine 5 million yen for broken Patton by hitting the refrigerator Yokohama DeNA August 13th 20:14

Professional baseball DeNA has fined 5 million yen against Patton pitcher who broke his right hand fist with a refrigerator on the bench.

DeNA's Patton pitcher, who was on the 3rd this month at the Yokohama stadium, climbed the 3rd in 8th in the 2nd lead, but was able to score 3 consecutive hits without taking one out. After being caught up and getting off the mound, I hit the refrigerator on the bench and broke my right hand fist.

In response to this, the team decided to dispose Patton's fine of 5 million yen and to participate in the baseball promotion activities for children performed by the team during the injury rehabilitation period.

Patton, who has been in Japan for the third year, has climbed to 42 games as a relief this season, and his defense rate has been raised to 22 points, although it is 5 points.

Patton commented through the team, “I am very sorry for the morale of the team competing for the lead, and I will do my best to control my feelings and make a contribution when I return to the team.”