A man who was swimming in the Nagara River was washed away and was missing Gifu Aug. 12 23:15

On the afternoon of the 12th, a young foreign man who came to swim with his friends in the Nagara River in Gifu City was washed away by the river and lost his way.

Around 5 pm on the 12th, a firefighter was notified by a nearby person saying that a man was swept into the river at Nagara River in Nagara Kotsu, Gifu City.

According to the police, whereabouts are missing is a young Asian male, who swam from the right bank to the left bank and then swept away into the river on his way back to the right bank.

The scene was crowded with people who play and barbecue, and men were visiting the river as a group of foreigners.

The police and fire fighters are in a state of about 50 people. On the 12th, they will search until sunset, and on the 13th, they will search from the morning to the downstream.