Taste police presenter Rob Geus, YouTuber Kalvijn, singer Shary-An Nivilac and catwalk coach Mariana Verkerk have been added to the candidate team of the twentieth series Expedition Robinson .

Geus tells in conversation with NU.nl that it is the fourth time that he was asked for the program and now finally saw space to participate.

A motivation for Geus' participation is that many people have a certain image of him in mind because of his role as presenter of De Smaakpolitie and Save my vacation . "It is sometimes nice to show that Rob can get used to other things too. This program is perfectly suited for that."

In preparation for his participation, Geus had more exercise and had survival training in the woods of Hoenderloo. He also adjusted his diet. "Closer to the departure it was noticeable for my surroundings, which became quite difficult when a video leaked out showing me at a Thai airport."

Geus, who tests hospitality on hygiene in De Smaakpolitie , had no trouble leaving his clean home environment. "I turned a button. I didn't think about my family, not about luxury."

We will only know how long the presenter will last in the program after 1 September, when Robinson starts. "I will always remember it," says Geus about his experience. "It was wonderful to be cut off from the outside world and that the most important thing that concerns you is a banana leaf, which you should not stand on because otherwise you will not lie softly in the evening."

"All my content made in advance"

YouTuber Kalvin (real name Kelvin Boerma) did not have a deep-rooted wish to participate in Robinson , but promised to participate in the program because he has been working for six consecutive years. "Even on vacation I take my work with me, I always have my phone with me. I was curious how I am under such harsh conditions."

The 23-year-old YouTuber posts two videos a week and has worked ahead for the period that he was abroad. "Videos, Instagram posts and stories, I made everything in advance. It was an awful lot of work," Boerma laughs.

The atmosphere in the candidate team was good, according to Boerma. "Also because you are all in the same boat. Everyone is nervous and finds it exciting, that creates a special bond."

The YouTuber says it has not had any conflicts with fellow candidates. "I didn't bother anyone. I thought the Expedition itself was harder than I thought, but you can't prepare yourself for that either."

First season presented by Kaj Gorgels

The first episode of Expeditie Robinson will be broadcast on Sunday 1 September at 8 p.m. The program will be on show for sixteen weeks and a total of twenty participants will participate, all of whom are well-known Dutchmen.

Earlier it was announced that radio DJ Frank van der Lende, YouTuber Onnedi (real name Dionne Slagter), Dolly Dots singer Anita Heilker and RTL News reporter Jaap van Deurzen will compete for the Robinson title next season.

The new season of Expeditie Robinson is presented by Nicolette Kluijver and former participant Kaj Gorgels, who takes over the presentation from Dennis Weening. It is the first time that the program is broadcast on RTL4, after it was previously shown on RTL5.