Awa Odori starts today Last year, the operation was disrupted.

In front of Awa Odori in Tokushima City, which opened on the 12th, the eve of the festival was held on the 11th, and the dancers performed a lively dance.

Last year, Awa Odori in Tokushima City was confused over its management, but it was decided to be entrusted to the private sector.

Before the opening on the 12th, the eve of the festival was held at the Tokushima City Hall on the 11th. Dancing into the audience seats on a unique rhythm, the venue was filled with excitement.

In the “Tokushima Awa Odori Association” dance, dancers of female dances expressed a variety of dances in a relaxed manner.

A man from Yokohama City said, “I was very impressed with the dance that was uninterrupted.”

The dancer said, “It was fun to dance on the big stage and it was nice to see the customers happily.

The opening ceremony of Awaodori in Tokushima City will be held from the evening of the 12th and will be held for 4 days until the 15th of this month.