Japanese cosmetics company DHC has condemned the boycott of Japanese products in South Korea and spread fake news.

A performer on the fact-finding Toranomon News, a preview program of DHC TV, a subsidiary of DHC, said, "Korea is a country that is hot and fast." I should see it. "

Another panel that appeared in the broadcast spread the fake news that "Joshenjing wrote Chinese, but couldn't characterize Chinese to distribute Hangeul as a Japanese-made textbook.

The program, which represents the Sisatalk Show, caused controversy by releasing a disgusting feeling against Korea. Last year, YouTube was suspended. The channel currently has 450,000 subscribers.

Yoshida Yoshiaki, chairman of the DHC, is notorious for being an extreme right businessman. Three years ago, he posted on the official homepage about "Japanese Japanese" and "I have to go back to my home country because it had a bad effect on the country."

Founded in 1975, DHC is a company that sells cosmetics and health foods mainly through convenience stores and communications in Japan. In April 2002, it established a Korean corporation and entered Korea.

Some netizens in Korea were upset about writing DNS Korea's social media, saying, "DHC leaves Korea."

(SBS funE Kim Ji-hye)