This time it was not Marilyn Manson's fault. It was 20 years ago, when the massacre at Columbine High School . His lyrics were said to be a breeding ground for young people like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to kill 12 classmates and a teacher, before committing suicide in the library. Then Manson was forced to cancel part of his tour, although neither Eric nor Dylan listened to his music.

The blame for the latest shootings in the United States is "disgusting and creepy video games," according to Donald Trump . Hence the Walmart supermarket chain has decided to withdraw its advertising from the aisles, after in one of them a man will kill twenty-two people. Of course, they will continue to sell ammunition and firearms.

In the documentary Bowling for Columbine , Michael Moore interviews Charlton Heston as leader of the National Rifle Association . The actor blames the killing of an alleged violent past of the United States, to which Moore replies with the past of a Germany without a present of school shootings; as I could replicate today about video games with Japan.

It is not easy for US authorities to find a cause for non- gun shootings. Mainly because they are considered part of the solution, and even negligent not to have them to protect your loved ones, fueled by the fear that each shooting gives to the media.

Maybe the progress was this. And an advanced society is a frightened society . Increasingly aware of the many enemies that haunt him, real and imaginary. The State, the media and social networks, replace the individual, who must be protected from others, but mainly from himself.

We read that they now blame video games, and we remember that, in the United States, a third of its citizens do not know how to place the United Kingdom on the map. Or that it is inhabited by naive and infantilized types . Not like us, which is usually the first symptom that we already are. The closest thing to the Welfare State is the fantasy one creates for their children. And in those we are. That is why we blame the US government for not limiting access to weapons, but never for its citizens to buy them. Those who intended to end the shootings by suspending Marylin Manson's tour, are the same as those who intend to end machismo by suspending a concert by C. Tangana .

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