• Censorship: Bilbao City Council cancels C. Tangana's concert after criticism for his macho lyrics
  • Interview. "Instead of saying you're original, show your miseries and tell how you lose in life"

"I notice that pain is a magnet. / Again your face (whore) ./ You only love me if I hurt you./ I no longer feel anything (go away) ./ Fucking with another one that is the same./ Hopefully you die (whore ) ". The lyrics of 'Na de Na', the song by C. Tangana together with Royce Rolo and Danni Ble, has been one of those used by the Bildu and Elkarrekin Bilbao parties to protest the hiring of the Madrid musician for the programming of the parties of the Bilbao Big Week. Finally, the city council of Bilbao (governed by Juan Mari Aburto, of the PNV; who was elected with the support of the councilors of the PSOE) has yielded to the pressures and has withdrawn C. Tangana from the programming of the Nagusia Aste.

The decision has caused a cataract of criticism and also of applause. In the latter case, on the part, also, of some who have just disapproved that the Madrid city council reverses the hiring of musicians ( Def Con Dos, Luis and Pedro Pastor ) carried out by the previous Manuela Carmena team. It is not the only paradox of the case: C. Tangana himself began to make a name after several 'beefs' against Los chikos del Corn (group very close to Pablo Iglesias and who in his best known song sing "The opposition in Venezuela is fascism ./ That they take out the tanks and step on them like rats " ) and against Pablo Iglesias himself, and then call to vote for Podemos in front of the advance of Vox:" I don't believe in representative democracy, but it's easier to vote today than to fight four years against a fascist government. "

There is also the circumstance that in the programming of Aste Nagusia there are other names whose letters could be subject to revision. This is the case of Su Ta Gar , heavy metal group led by Aitor Gorosabel, composer of the Bildu tuning and author of songs like 'Jo ta ke': "I was born, yes, / in the middle of a war / and I had / hate as a father./ The day of truth will come / and they will pay what they have done [...] Fire and flames / fighting without stopping. / Hard on the enemy. " Or, even the Dynamic Duo , whose past rock and roll is also controversial ground: "Fifteen years has my love. / He likes to dance rock so much. / He is such a divine and colossal little girl ./ He has a look that nobody can stand [ ...] If I give her my hand, she will caress her. / If I kiss her, I will know what it is to dream ".

A campaign on change.org so that C. Tangana is not hired by the Bilbao corporation has so far collected 15,000 signatures from a planned total of 25,000. The petition cites other Madrid lyrics, such as 'Sangre' ( "I pray for the whore who educated you like that [ ...] Stable whore (you don't have a mother)" or "Easy", along with Jesse Baez ("I do that the whore gets tied up. / I make her shut up and duck. / She calls me a bullfighter because she went to kill "). No others are mentioned, like 'Pa que shines' (" That fashion of hate does not catch her. / She She likes to fight and be stretched./ And I love that she insults me and turns around. [...] I speak slowly / pa to shine / and then maleducao '/ Pa' to scream at me ") or ' Pop ur pussy '("Like a hungry man who finally grabs a plate. / Like after a year, how to hurt you . / Pa' so that you understand me well, well. / Like a knife through your skin. / Pa ' that you understand me well./ As if something in my head was no longer good./ Like giving a flicker./ Like wanting to break you into pieces ").

Tangana himself has made it clear on several occasions that he plays with the character he has built around himself and that in his songs shows his glories and miseries to the public: " What I do is not only music, but also speech , to whom I am addressing, the 'performance' ... Assume that all this is a set ". The controversy also serves to talk about how the new 'urban' scene raises new debates about the roles of men and women, LGBTI movements or the reappropriation of language. Thus, it is interesting to reappropriate the term "whore" (or 'bitch'), which both they and they use (La Zowi, Ms. Nina, Tomasa del Real, Bad Gyal) to address the female sex. The debate reopens.

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