In the summer, the halos are invited under our armpits just like the drops of perspiration on our forehead. But when bad smells get involved, it can quickly become embarrassing. On Europe 1, the doctor Jimmy Mohamed gives some advices to finish with the problems of perspiration.


Every weekend of the summer, Europe 1 is interested in the little sores of the holidays. On the menu this week: how to end the problems of perspiration? Jimmy Mohamed, emergency doctor, chronicler at Europe 1 and author of Waiting for the Doctor ... (Flammarion) gives you some tips.

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Why do we sweat?

Sweating is natural. Per day, on average, a person produces 1 liter of sweat. "It's a defense mechanism, a way to regulate body temperature," says Jimmy Mohamed. "In the brain, the hypothalamus will act when the temperature increases, especially during physical exercise.It begins to dilate the arteries so that the sweat glands make sweat and this has the effect of lowering our temperature" says Jimmy Mohamed. "It is for the same reason that older people dehydrate more easily during a heat wave.Their sweat glands do not work anymore and they do not sweat any more."

Does sweat smell bad?

"No," says the doctor. "The sweat does not smell bad.After a workout, you do not smell.The unpleasant smell comes actually a few hours later, when bacteria on the skin mix with perspiration. In general, he says, "if you have a proper lifestyle, if you wash regularly, you should not have big odors problems."

What to do to avoid odors?

The first reflex is to use deodorant. "It is advisable to avoid antiperspirants because often they are full of aluminum salts," says Jimmy Mohamed. "What we want is not to prevent perspiration but neutralize odors," he recalls. Put loose clothing, more like cotton, or even talc, especially in shoes, can also help to avoid odors and feel a little better even when you sweat.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a relatively rare disease that affects 1 to 3% of the population. "These are people who will start to sweat a lot, up to 4 liters per day, on the hands, feet and armpits," says the doctor.

In these cases, it is recommended to use detanspirant: "It is a product that is bought in pharmacies, which will block the sweat ducts because a small keratin plug will form and block perspiration" , explicit Jimmy Mohamed. "It works very well, but do not put it everywhere, we can also go see the dermatologist who will grill the small sweat ducts," he adds.

But beware, sometimes, hyperhidrosis can reveal another pathology. "If we see that we sweat a lot, it is recommended to go see his doctor because a thyroid problem, diabetes or menopause can be the cause of hyperhidrosis."