On Friday 30 August it will be announced which city has been chosen as host city for the Eurovision Song Contest, reports the NPO. Maastricht and Rotterdam are still in the race.

Rotterdam and Maastricht were instructed on Monday to put the "last dots in the i". The cities had Friday until 5 p.m. to submit the latest additions to their submitted bid books to the project organization and to answer additional questions.

"The final phase of the assessment process is now entering. This is a careful process where speed and accuracy are paramount," according to the NPO. The latest additions to the bid books are being reviewed and there will be consultation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Nothing is yet known about the content of the announcement. More information about this will come later. If the song competition is held in Maastricht, the MECC convention center is the location. In Rotterdam that is Ahoy.


Song contest is approaching climax: Rotterdam or Maastricht?