Halberstadt: Refugees attacked by security guards

Security guards have separated conflicting residents of asylum accommodation and apparently mistreated. The police are investigating the incident. The men are suspended.

In a central point of contact for refugees (Zast) in Saxony-Anhalt employees of a private security service violently harassed refugees. The scene is documented in two videos, which were apparently taken from a higher building from the top. They show employees in labeled dark uniform jackets, as they often wear guards who separate two apparently in dispute refugees from each other. How old the videos are is unknown, on Youtube they have the date April 14th.

You can see in detail how a man in a black T-shirt and an irokese-like haircut storms in, from the barrel on the two refugees with the outstretched foot enters. One of the shortly afterwards added Jackenträger pushes one of the refugees on the other side of the street, where he crashes to the ground. The man in the T-shirt brings the other to the ground with the words "Get down, you cunt" by kneeling between his legs, flinging him on the pavement and punching him in the direction of his face. Although resistance is not recognizable, the man presses the fugitive with his hand on his face, kneels on his chest and threatens him with a fist punch. A total of three security guards look on. Then the man suddenly leaves the fugitive. He gets up again, is escorted away, but thrown down several times by men in uniform jackets while walking.

According to the Interior Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Holger Stahlknecht (CDU), the four guards involved are suspended. Against them is determined. According to Stahlknecht an investigation team is set up. "There are things that are not going at all point," Stahlknecht said. The videos would now have to be backed up, evaluated and evaluated. In addition, it should be examined whether in the past similar incidents could have occurred at the reception center.

According to the ministry, there are currently less than 1,000 asylum seekers in the initial reception center. There are ten guards per shift - around the clock, seven days a week. The security firm concerned is reported to have been operating there since December 2017 after having prevailed in a pan-European procurement process. Who has uploaded the sequences on Youtube, is so far unknown.

ref: zeit