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Apocalypse Disciplinary Disposition for Disappearance of Evidence of Son's Case Kagawa Prefectural Police Not Published | NHK News


A 40-year-old police officer of the Kagawa Police Headquarters hid a smartphone that a minor son stole from a partner woman to cover it, and reported damage to the woman.

Assistant Police Department Disciplinary action for disappearance of evidence of son's case

An assistant police officer in his 40s at the Kagawa Police Headquarters hid a smartphone that a minor son stole from a partner woman to cover it and worked to prevent women from reporting damage. I understood that it was being sent. The police decided that disciplinary action was to reduce the salary, but did not disclose it.

The disciplinary action was taken by an assistant police officer in his 40s who worked at the Takamatsu Nishi Police Station.

According to the Kagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters and others, assistant police officers in July last year learned that a minor son had violently violated a woman and stole a smartphone.

And in order to protect his son, he entrusted his smartphone, which was evidence of the incident, hid it, and urged women not to report damage.

After consulting with a woman from the beginning, the police proceeded with the investigation, and as a result, the police officer was sent a document for suspected destruction of evidence and extortion and received a summary order with a fine of 300,000 yen.

In May, the Kagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters decided that the Assistant Police Department would be disciplinary for a three-month salary reduction. The assistant police department has resigned.

The police did not publish the disposition as they did not meet the criteria for publication.

Meanwhile, the assistant police officer's son was arrested for injuring a woman and stealing a smartphone, and then sent to a family court.

The Kagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters Inspection Division commented, “We reviewed it in accordance with the standards and put off the publication in consideration of the privacy of the victims. We want to prevent the inappropriate cases by providing thorough guidance in the future.” The

Disciplinary action for police officers

The National Police Agency has established `` Guidelines for Announcement of Disciplinary Actions '' to determine whether or not to disclose the disciplinary action of police officers. It is stipulated.

The police say that this scandal was a private act and was a lower disposition than suspension, but the guidelines also disclosed disciplinary action that the announcement was deemed appropriate to ensure public confidence. We stipulate that it will be eligible.

Source: nhk

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