The heat wave alarm and heat wave warning were issued all over the country. The temperature in Seoul will rise to 33 degrees and Daegu to 35 degrees. The forecast is that the heat wave will get worse by the weekend.

I'm Ahn Young-in.


After the typhoon passed, the heat wave became more and more intense as the heat rose.

The Meteorological Agency strengthened the heat wave alarms in Chungcheong inland and southern inland areas by heat wave alarms at 10 am today, and also issued heat wave warnings in Seoul, Gyeonggi and Gangwon provinces.

The temperature rises significantly. The temperature in Seoul today is 33 degrees, 34 degrees in Gwangju and Gangneung, and 35 degrees in Daejeon and Daegu.

The Korea Meteorological Agency predicts that tomorrow will lead to 34 degrees in temperature and 35 degrees in Daegu, with heat waves during the day and tropical nights at night.

There is a lot of air instability in the heat wave, and there are many places where showers come inland.

Especially with thunder and thunder, strong showers over 30mm per hour are expected.

The 9th typhoon Rekima, which is heading northeast of Taiwan's southeastern coast, developed into a very strong typhoon.

The weather agency predicted Typhoon Rekima will pass near Shanghai, China, over the weekend and near Qingdao next Monday.

The Meteorological Agency predicts that the course of the typhoon will be fluid, but next Monday it will rain all over the country due to the direct or indirect effects of typhoon Rekima.