Although his name is still on the cast list of mini series A Christmas Carol , Rutger Hauer is not featured in the Hollywood production. Guy Pearce, who plays Ebenezer Scrooge in the series, confirmed this on Tuesday at the fall presentation of the American channel Fx in Los Angeles.

"Unfortunately, he got sick before we started recording," said Pearce. "So unfortunately he had to cancel and we could never work with Rutger."

The three-part series is to be a dark tale of Charles Dickens' story about nasty greedy man Ebenezer Scrooge, who is visited by three spirits the night before Christmas. The show is a co-production of the BBC and Fx, which broadcast the special around the holidays.

Hauer would play the spirit of the future Christmas. In addition to Pearce, Andy Serkis and Joe Alwyn are also featured in the series. Alwyn plays Bob Critchett, Serkis takes on the spirit of the past Christmas.

Hauer can still be seen in Tonight at Noon

Actor Rutger Hauer died on Friday July 19 at the age of 75. Hauer's most recent role was in the Porters television series. He is also in the already recorded Tonight at Noon project, in which the Dutchman can be seen alongside Chiwetel Ejiofor.

According to film site IMDb, three other projects were planned for Hauer, including the snooker film Break . The actor plays the role of Ray, the villainous owner of a derelict snooker hall. The film would already have been recorded.


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