Fampyra, a medicine for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), will be included in the basic package for patients 18 years and older from 1 September. Minister Bruno Bruins (Medical Care) is following a revised recommendation from the Healthcare Institute.

The minister announced the decision in a letter to the Lower House on Wednesday.

Fampyra ensures better conduction of stimuli in the nerves and can improve the walking ability of MS patients.

The Healthcare Institute, which advises the minister on the effectiveness of medicines, previously came to the conclusion twice that the drug only worked for a limited number of patients. The allowance was withdrawn based on those findings.

That was against the sore legs of various patients, who claimed that they actually benefited from the medicine. Their protests led to a new investigation in February by manufacturer BioGen and the Dutch Association of Neurology. The Healthcare Institute came to a positive recommendation in response to the conclusions thereof.

BioGen accounted for around 60 percent of the costs of the pills in the interim, which cost 128 euros per month. Patients had to pay a personal contribution. They get it back, with retroactive effect, now that the product comes back in the basic package.

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