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Does certain toothpaste really make whiter teeth?


Whitish teeth: who doesn't want that? Whitening toothpaste promises to whiten your teeth. But does it do that too? Dentist Richard Kohsiek answers.

Whitish teeth: who doesn't want that? Whitening toothpaste promises to whiten your teeth. But does it do that too? Dentist Richard Kohsiek answers.

To fall with the door: teeth should not be white at all. "Tooth bone has a yellowish color", says Kohsiek. "The glaze surrounds it, which is glassy with a light blue glow. You can still see the yellow through it. It is mainly due to the light whether you see yellow or white."

As you get older, your teeth become more yellow. According to the dentist, white teeth are mainly something that many people see in advertisements or with influencers and TV personalities. "We all want white because white is clean. But yellow teeth are actually healthier. If you see yellow, it means that you have a lot of thick dentine and that you have strong teeth."

Yellow brush to brush away

The yellow of your dental bone is of course not to brush away. But isn't it possible that certain things you eat can make your teeth yellower, such as coffee? "Tea, coffee and wine can indeed cause an attack on our teeth. Everything stays on the sticky layer on your teeth. You can usually brush this layer off."

"The most important thing about toothpaste is the fluoride" Richard Kohsiek, dentist

According to Kohsiek, it doesn't matter which toothpaste you use to brush away the attack. "They are almost all the same. Whitening toothpastes contain just a little more abrasive or an anti-tartar remedy. But often this is also in normal toothpaste. If you stick something on the tube, people immediately think it helps."

Can abrasive in toothpaste not hurt? "There are hardly any toothpastes that sand too much, because no manufacturer wants that. Then your enamel can be damaged and scratches can occur. Like you can get scratches on your window if you use a scouring sponge."

The most important thing about toothpaste is that it contains fluoride, says Kohsiek. "In addition, you must have a good toothbrush and work with a toothpick regularly. Then you will be there. People hardly want to believe that it is that simple."

Eating and drinking can cause a yellow attack on the teeth. (Source: 123RF)

How do you get whiter teeth?

Brushing does not get you anywhere, such as between and behind your teeth. Kohsiek: "Then yellow edges can occur. If the yellow attack does not want to go away, you can have your teeth cleaned by a dentist or dental hygienist."

Those who do not want discoloration to appear in the enamel can also pay attention to the amount of eating and drinking moments. "If you eat or drink something too often, the acids are more likely to get into the enamel because your enamel has not had time to recover. Fortunately, saliva raises the acidity again, but it's smart to stick to it five to seven eating and drinking moments. "

Do you really want whiter teeth? Then bleaching is the only option. "The discolouration of food and drink on the enamel is dissolved. Compare it to a pair of jeans with a drop of bleach. Tooth bone can only be used on teeth with the nerve removed. As long as you bleach with a mild agent, it is not proven that it is bad for your teeth. "

Richard Kohsiek is a board member at the Royal Dutch Society for the Promotion of Dentistry (KNMT). In that position he is concerned with the quality of oral care in a broad sense and the relationship between a healthy mouth and the general health of people, specifically with children and the elderly.

Source: nunl

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