The first European company in the field of mobility using light means, has announced the opening of its regional headquarters in the UAE with investments of millions of dollars.

This marks the first expansion of the company's business outside the EU. SARC is the first international light transport company to officially launch its services in the Gulf region in partnership with local regulators and private developers.

Sarc has been established by renowned business leader Lucas Gaddowsky, who has already established Delphrey Hero, which owns and operates food delivery companies in Europe and a number of regional companies in the region such as Taleb, Caridge, Zumato Emirates and Henkurstation, And an investor in Volocopter, which is developing the UAE's air taxi service.

"We are building a European hero with global ambitions, we support mobility using light and responsible means, we work with city authorities, communities and other road users to develop urban transport wherever our services are brought in. The dynamic system that encourages innovation and the passion for concept experience is new in the UAE, The United States makes it an ideal location for CIRC.

SCARC electric scooters are designed for common, safe and smooth use. It is also designed from a safety perspective first, providing more stability and lasting longer. This passion for safety is demonstrated by the excellence of larger-wheeled CIRC bikes, dual suspension, longer lasting batteries, best brake system technology and many other outstanding features. Each trip on the CURC bikes covers personal accident insurance, third party liability and bike liability. In its application, Sark provides clear instructions on safety and local guidance on how to use vehicles legally and responsibly.

In addition to launching its services in Abu Dhabi, Sark is working on additional expansion plans in the Gulf region led by its founders in the Middle East and North Africa region, Jadeep Donna and Badr Al Kalouti.
Donna was recently President of Global Mobility Mobility Mobility Company, before returning to the UAE where he spent more than 10 years developing intelligent and shared mobility services. Danwa has long professional and industrial experience with Grapef, Cream, McKinsey and Walt Disney.

"Crowding is a growing challenge in the region as many entrepreneurs and technology move to live in cities," said Donna, currently CEO of Sark Middle East and North Africa. Light mobility solutions provide a convenient, fast and affordable alternative, fully electric and environmentally friendly. It also provides access to the public transport networks being developed in the cities of the region. "The service is one of the most important first and last mile services to connect with the public transport network, with leading countries such as the United Arab Emirates seeking to develop safer, Public transport infrastructure ".

Al Kalooti is an experienced entrepreneur who has established and expanded many successful start-ups in Dubai, including Londry Box, My Box and Switch. Prior to his six-year career as a Citigroup investment banker, he worked on some of the largest M & A deals, IPO issues and bond issues in the region.

"We are keen to make Sark a perfect service for every city, taking into consideration factors such as weather, geography of the region and the needs of the local community," said Kaluti, who is currently the chief operating officer of Sarak in the Middle East and North Africa. This is especially important for us in the UAE and the Gulf region, where we focus on our mission of providing reliable and high-quality transport services everywhere, and we take our responsibilities very seriously as a true partner of the cities in which we live and work. "

Sark continuously monitors where service is most needed and re-distributes its vehicles quickly in response to consumer needs and local authorities' requirements. Sark is keen to ensure that scooters are properly installed and test the incentive system for responsible use in a number of cities. In order to ensure the reliability and availability of bicycles, Sark maintains its fleet around the clock and throughout the year through specialized technical teams.

As safety is the primary and primary consideration of SREC, the company is working with leading vehicle safety assessment and control experts to develop guidance for users on this new pattern of mobility and supports the improvement of industry-wide safety standards.