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Many of us tend to give short, quick answers, such as a sign of self-confidence and competence on any question. It is important to avoid a word that I do not know so as not to appear ignorant of something, and to avoid showing any lack of knowledge at any cost. To his office to explain to me I saw

Many of us tend to give short, quick answers, as a sign of self-confidence and efficiency to any question. It is important to avoid a word that I do not know so as not to appear ignorant of something, and to avoid showing any lack of knowledge at any price.

In a previous job .. The director of the department summoned me to his office to explain my vision, and when I ask him about implementation, says I do not know and do not understand in your work. You perform in your own way, it is important to achieve the results mentioned. After a training session I asked the lecturer a question outside the subject of training, and I silence a moment, then said: I do not know.

In television interviews, some channels advise guests not to say I do not know, and to use more diplomatic methods, as the guest says: There is no clear answer on the part of the warring parties, but ... or says: Current, but expected to be the United States to calm the situation in Syria ..etc.

We also see that the guest is supposed to avoid a word I do not know, so that his knowledge does not appear incomplete, or perhaps at the request of the channel, but he gave us half truths, and half opinions as Muslim.

The commander does not necessarily have answers to all the questions, so we find in the press conferences a department manager, for example, refers the press questions to the director of the department, and says that Flanna is more detailed than me. The question: Did this diminish anything from this leader, when he referred the question to someone who works for him ?!

This type of leader finds him engaging all in the debate and taking their ideas, which enhances trust among the team members, and improves the decision-making process. No matter what the employee is, there is nothing he does not know, and the facts are mixed with opinions, because he believes his views as facts.

When people believe, and do not even try to discover the answer, these views turn into myths over time. We are not against expressing opinions, but opinion makers must clarify that they are not truths, no matter how confident they are, and thus give others a chance to share their views, especially if they disagree with the opinion of the person who denies knowing them.

Getting information is now very easy with Google in our hands, the desire to show our knowledge to everyone is stronger when the question is in the areas of power or jurisdiction, and here it is difficult to admit that anyone does not know. Yes, knowledge is important, but exaggerating our knowledge of all answers to all severely limits a person's curiosity and undermines the desire to learn.

Asked about actor Bruce Willis and Jeremy Irins in "Die Hard 3", he said: "I do not know anything about acting and I do not understand it. I'm the director of action shots!

Did you interrupt the word I do not know from Mkternan if we knew that my films Dai Hard 1 and 3, which produced them, are the most successful in the series ?!

The director of the department called me to his office to explain his vision. When I asked him about implementation, he said: I do not know or understand your work!

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