To give readers an idea of ​​what will be published in bookland next month, asks a number of experts which books we should not miss. Jessica Jongkind, for example, talks about the new picture book Dragons are not for sale .

Cookbook: Bouillon - Jean Beddington

Has recently appeared

Jonah Freud from De Kookboekhandel in Amsterdam: "Bouillon is the basis of every professional kitchen, where there is always a pan on the stove. This book starts with an interview about the value of a good broth. It doesn't take much work; it costs The book first contains recipes for different broths, such as veal broth, vegetable broth and lobster broth, followed by the dishes you use them for, such as osso bucco or risotto. in this book Jean is typical. She has classical education and uses many Asian influences because she has lived in Japan. "

Children's book: Dragons are not for sale - Tjibbe Veldkamp, ​​with illustrations by Alice Hoogstadt

Has recently appeared

Jessica Jongkind from Kiekeboek Children's Bookstore in Haarlem: "What does Eise have with him? What is he planning? Tjibbe Veldkamp tells the happy story of Eise and his spoiled neighbor boy Hubert-Jan. Hubert-Jan has a whole collection of animals, but doesn't look there Eise loves animals, but is not allowed to come close to Hubert-Jan, but Eise has a plan The previous picture book by Tjibbe Veldkamp and Alice Hoogstadt, Come out of that tap , is already a classic. has the same humor and fine drawings, but then about animals. That will certainly be a wonderful picture book again. "

Non-fiction: Never at home alone - Rob Dunn

Appears on August 20

Fien van Dorp from Scheltema Bookstore in Amsterdam: "You don't have to leave your house for nature, says American biologist Rob Dunn. More unsuspecting housemates live inside than you think. Our frantic cleaning attempts are outweighing the twenty thousand animal species we live with. Moths in the wardrobe, bacteria on the counter and not to mention a rich biodiversity in our navels. Read and shiver, but realize that most of the animals are good for us! "

Fiction: The murderer, the lawyer and the writer - Casey N. Cap

Has recently appeared

Van Dorp: "In the fifty years that remained, Harper Lee did not publish anything after her successful novel To Kill A Mockingbird . However, following her friend Truman Capote, she was intrigued by a trick story that also took place in rural America. Casey Cap takes the lead from Harper Read idea This intriguing and beautiful story contains the biography of Harper Lee and also the curious account of a serial killer, Pastor Maxwell, who, apart from preaching, had a good understanding of life insurance policies he took out at the lives of his many victims. "

History: Europeans. The emergence of a common culture - Orlando Figes

Appears at the end of August

Daphne ter Bals from Bookstore Douwes in The Hague: "Summer is a quiet time, not many new books appear. But at the end of August the season starts to start again. Then the book Europeans appears. The emergence of a common culture of Orlando Figes: Around 1900, the same books were read in Europe, the same operas were performed, the same musical plays were played: the lives of the great writer Ivan Turgenev, the celebrated singer Pauline Viardot, with whom Turgenev had an intimate relationship, and Pauline's husband Louis Viardot , a well-introduced art critic, illustrate this: they met almost everyone in Europe who was at that time culturally important.The description of their cosmopolitan lives stands for the great story about the origin of European culture. Natasja's dance and whispers . "