Portuguese researchers have reached a great solution to eliminate the problem of sweating, especially in the exercise of the exercise is the development of cotton tissue that triggers the smell of lemon, as reported by the newspaper "Mirror" British.

The study, published in the ACS Applied Materials Interfaces, states: "Sweating, as a reaction to daily activity and exercise, produces unpleasant odors that cause social problems and embarrassment, and to counteract the problem, we have developed a fabric that contains effective smells "He said.

To develop the fabric, the researchers followed two methods: first, the use of a protein found in the nose of pigs linked to the particles of odor, and the second depends on the lipid particles (particles containing a drop of water), to transfer odor in the fabric.

Although the first method showed a quick smell, the lipid particle technique resulted in a slower, more controlled release, with the ability to retain a greater amount of fragrance.

Both approaches can be widely adopted in the development of the latest concepts, related to gym clothes, to eliminate the unpleasant odors caused by sweating.