According to Afrojack's lawyer, it is not true that the DJ has been warned about establishing a letterbox firm in Cyprus. On Wednesday, several media reported that the Dutch DJ, on the advice of tax lawyer Frank B., who has now been sued, set up a tax scheme on the island and thereby committed millions of euros in tax fraud.

According to Quote , among others, Afrojack (31), real name Nick van de Wall, was warned several times by financial specialists about this construction. His lawyer Margriet Koedooder informed the DJ of Shownieuws that this is "factually incorrect".

In addition, the DJ's lawyer states that Van de Wall will "still fully comply with his obligations if after the proceedings it turns out that he has accidentally paid too little tax".

DJ wanted to postpone payment

On Wednesday Quote said that a mortgage of 4 million euros was recently taken out on the detached country house that the DJ bought in 2013. This allowed him to get deferred payment for the tax debt that he accrued through his letterbox firm in Cyprus, because of this tax arrangement he did not have to pay tax on his income.

According to the financial magazine, Van de Wall's mother signed a deed in April 2019, confirming that the DJ did not pay any tax in the years 2012 to 2014. It would amount to more than 2.3 million euros.

A few months earlier, the DJ would have requested a deferment of payment, for which no permission was given. That is why he left a million-dollar mortgage on his home. Because there may also be a tax liability from the years 2015 and 2016, the mortgage was set at four million.

Linda de Mol and DJ Headhunterz also received advice from B.

Van de Wall allegedly moved his tax affairs to Cyprus on the advice of tax adviser Frank B., who was regarded as the 'tax specialist of the stars'. The FIOD invaded his office and home in March because he had Dutch artists move to paper tax havens to evade tax.

B. also made constructions for Linda de Mol, DJ Headhunterz and Kim Feenstra, among others. A criminal investigation is still ongoing.