This summer the large multi-day festivals welcome thousands of visitors. Many of them go packed for the first time towards several days of partying and music. has a number of golden tips for those who want to get through such a first festival weekend as well as possible.

Think carefully about your luggage

At a multi-day festival you prefer to bring enough clean clothes, food and drinks for the campsite and care products to still look fresh and fruity on the final day. But bear in mind that this must all be carried towards the festival site. And if you come by car: the parking places are usually quite a walk away. So pack wisely and only take what you really need.

A good backpack is essential

Once you have decided what to take with you, it is wise to transport the stuff in a good, sturdy backpack. You can usually put a lot in there and this is easy to wear when you walk towards the campsite. A cart is also recommended if you also bring a lot of food and drink. In any case, do not go with a trolley to the festival grounds, because you usually walk on dirt paths - or worse - through mud puddles.

A good backpack or trolley does wonders. (Photo: ANP)

Read the house rules carefully

Festivals all have different house rules about what you can and cannot bring to the site or the campsite. Read it through on the website of the festival. This way you avoid having to say goodbye to your jar of peanut butter, bottled drink or gas burner at the entrance.

Immerse yourself in the festival line-up

When you come to a festival for the first time, everything can seem quite overwhelming. Bringing a map at the entrance or downloading the festival app is definitely recommended. Also take plenty of time to decide in advance which bands or shows you really want to see. You can usually create a handy personal block scheme on the website of a festival. Don't let the headliners guide you too much. Often the small, unexpected performances afterwards are the highlight of a festival weekend.

Picking up a map of the festival site is recommended. (Photo: Central Park Festival)

Wear earplugs when you are at the front

At a music festival you run - just like in the clubs - the risk of hearing damage if you are too close to the loud music. Certainly in the main stages, a good number of decibels must be produced in order to reach the people in the back. It is therefore wise to purchase earplugs with a music filter before the festival. If you have forgotten it: these are also available on site at most festivals.

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Find your ideal place at the podium

Thinking about which place you choose for the stage is a good idea. So always make sure that you are somewhat close to the bar and the toilets and that you do not have to wriggle through hundreds of people when it is time for the next round. But if you want to enjoy the music optimally, those places are not recommended. For the best sound quality, a place in the middle of the stage is the place.

Buy a power bank

Your mobile is a handy tool at a festival. You can check the showtimes of bands, app with your friends if you have lost each other and of course upload cool photos and videos to your social media channels. Because of this intensive use, your battery naturally drains very quickly and since it is difficult to charge your phone on the festival site, a power bank offers a solution.

Stay fresh without a shower

After a good night of dancing, you naturally want to start the new day fresh and fruity with a warm shower. There is only one major problem at festivals: the entire campsite is keen to do that, which leads to large lines for the sanitary facilities. Therefore, bring wet wipes with which you can freshen up anyway. Another good tip: jump after a festival day when you return to the tent under the shower. Then the rows are a lot shorter.