A video interview by a passenger on a plane from Paris to Cairo, via Bucharest Airport, showed that an Egyptian and his wife had been severely beaten by Romanian police.

The video angered most social networking leaders as the traveler was beaten and arrested by a group of police officers. The passengers on the flight RO0101, which was about to take off from Bucharest airport, were forced to take pictures of the newly-created section.

According to the video, the Egyptian passenger and his Moroccan wife were severely beaten amid the denunciation of all passengers on their trip, which included three different flights they had to pass through for security checks via One device in a small room made it difficult for everyone especially on children, describing the situation as ridiculous and comedy.

For his part, Egyptian passenger Hassan Salameh, who was assaulted during a telephone conversation with the media, Osama Kamal, said on the DMC evening broadcast on the Egyptian "DMC" satellite channel. "I, my son and my wife, The back and my wife are in another seat. "

The hostess asked his wife not to put her bag on the ground. She did respond, but again she asked her to put it somewhere else. The bag was gold, money and passports. She was very small. His wife did not understand some instructions in English. For all instructions and changing seats.

But we were surprised by the attack by a group of security men on us in an attempt to force us to get off the plane, despite the entry of my wife in a state of fainting as a result of a coma sugar.

For its part, the Ministry of Immigration issued an official statement saying that it received through the means of social communication scenes showing showing strong dealing with an Egyptian passenger aboard the Romanian lines. Immediately, the Minister of State for Migration and Foreign Affairs of Egypt, Ambassador Nabila Makram, That the situation took place inside the plane in Bucharest, the transit station for the journey of the Egyptian passenger and his Moroccan nationality who were traveling on the Romanian Airlines on their way from France to Cairo, as reported by the Egyptian newspaper Al Watan.

Makram continued with the Egyptian citizen and reassured him and his family, stressing the continuation of follow-up investigations conducted by the Romanian authorities through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Egyptian Embassy in Romania to find out all the details and circumstances of the situation.

In a related conversation, Ambassador of Egypt in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, Salah Abdelmaksood, during a telephone intervention in the program "evening DMC" that "the attack on the Egyptian citizen on a Romanian plane was because of his wife put her bag in front of the emergency door, He and his wife had to comply with security instructions, but the dialogue escalated and escalated the security personnel who dealt violently with the passenger.

In a related context, the Egyptian daily Al-Shorouq confirmed that he had contacted the vice president of the Egyptian community in Romania, Abdullah Mubasher, who said that once he was informed of the incident, he continued with the Ministry of Immigration and the Egyptian Ambassador in Romania to take the necessary action to respond to the Egyptian citizen's right. The incident took place on one of its planes. The embassy then began to intervene as an official body after hearing the testimony of the Egyptian victim and his family and obtaining his power of attorney. The Ministry of Immigration followed the situation as well as the Egyptian ambassador in Romania, confirming that the security forces did not deal with the letter With its Egyptian citizen,

He concluded by saying that the Romanian media dealt with the incident, and proved only polite handling by the Egyptian citizen.