The legendary drama series "Conflict of the Arrows" won a record number of nominations for the Emmy Awards, which hit 32 on Sunday, but most of the top TV contenders were newcomers.

This year's nominations are the largest in eight years, with nine new titles competing for the top awards in the best drama and best comedy series, the TV Academy said.

The series includes Killer Yves, produced by BBC America, which also won two nominees for Judy Comer and Sandra O, and the Amazon-based Felipe, which won 11 nominations , Including nominations for the creator of the series and his hero Vibe and Bridge, and the comedy series "Russian Doll" (Roshan Dole), produced by Netflix, written and starred Natasha Leon.

In a scene packed with powerful soap operas, Julia Roberts and George Clooney were ignored in the nominations of Amy's biggest surprise this year. Roberts was not nominated for her role in Homecoming, while Clooney did not receive a nomination for his "Catch 22" series.

He also did not win the famous comedy series "The Big Bang Theory", which was finally released, and was the highest comedy series in terms of viewing percentages in the history of American television, any nominations in the major categories.

In total, the HPO network received 137 nominations, a record. Among these are Jim Of Thrones in the lead in Best Drama, Best Actress for Kate Harrington, Best Actress for Emily Clarke, Best Actress for Lina Hedy, Sophie Turner, Mezi Williams and Gwendolyn Christie, and Best Actors as Assistant to Peter Dinkledge, Nicole Coaster Waldo and Alvin Allen.

Netflix won 117 nominations, led by the director of the series "When They See Us" by Wayne Dassarney, who won 16 nominations. His story revolves around the imprisonment of five black teenagers for rape in New York in 1989.