Trump defends Pelosi, says "it's not racist"

Trump said that Ocasio-Cortez "should not be doing what he is doing" and added that he is being "very disrespectful to someone who has been there for a long time" ...

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(CNN) - President Donald Trump, in a surprising turn, defended Democrat Nancy Pelosi in the midst of his dispute with Rep. Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez and other Democratic debutants in Congress, and said that the Speaker of the House of Representatives "It's not racist."

"I'll tell you something about Nancy Pelosi that you know better than me, who is not racist. In agreement? She is not racist. To call her a racist is a disgrace, "Trump said as he spoke with reporters before leaving in the Marine One helicopter.

Trump and Pelosi have had a relationship of ups and downs since she assumed the presidency of the House and has led the Democratic majority in that legislative body during the third year in office of Trump. Pelosi has tried to serve as a check on the president, but also resisted calls from his ranks to press for impeachment of Trump.

Ocasio-Cortez told the Washington Post on Wednesday that Pelosi has been explicitly "pointing out women of color of choice" in his criticism of the progressives. When Manu Raju of CNN asked the Queens congresswoman if she thought Pelosi was racist, she said: "No, no! Absolutely not, absolutely not. "

Trump said Ocasio-Cortez "should not be doing what he's doing" and added that he's being "very disrespectful to someone who has been there for a long time."

"I do not think Nancy can let that happen. A group of people who came ... I do not know where they came from, "Trump said.

Pelosi responded to the comments of Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday saying: "I have said what I am going to say in the bench."

The day before, Pelosi made a passionate speech for the unit during a closed-door meeting, encouraging his colleagues to turn their anger over the Republican Senate majority leader instead of themselves.

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