Serious goring and ear to Juan Leal

He shook the sleeping afternoon Juan Leal with his blood. And before with a Spartan value. What caused the awakening of the square: the prologue of slaughter on knees rose like a cramp

He shook the sleeping afternoon Juan Leal with his blood. And before with a Spartan value. What caused the awakening of the square: the prologue of work on his knees went up like a cramp on the lines. With many meters of distance, in the means and in round, the bull repeated. And Leal emptied him of the penitent breast. On foot and without meters of by means, the pedraza counted on good beginning but not exit of the muletazo. And in the third he was already inside. Hence a shock and disarmament. The Gaul of irreducible value had reduced the spaces. To step on fire grounds. When he emptied his left hand in a curved stroke, the right python swiped the cannon flesh from behind and sank, save for the part. Down he had it again a shot. JL escaped from the balasera on all fours. The stain of the satchel, torn by the antiphonary, began to spread like red wine spilled on the white tablecloth. The bullfighter's gesture was reconstituted. As if nothing had happened. And he put himself back in that hard place that he understands with Berho's ojedism . A complete inverted circulars traced the machado. And he threw himself to kill with rage on. In two times the thrust, pushed with the strength of the arm. The buffeted cuajado, the repudiado president Gonzalo de Villa fulfilled the Regulation and the Leonidas de Arles took the ear to the infirmary . Where I would not go back

Octavio Chacón would stay with one more bull. The run of Pedraza de Yeltes had lowered its tonnage compared to the past San Isidro. Of those 3,737 kilos to these 3,432. No bull passed 600 kilos; 592 the most, 539 the least. More "light" then. The box that opened the square was uphill with 584 kilos. And his face, nice. With it he humiliated and fixed his employment on the horse. Chacón struggled with economy of terrains and capotazos, but responded by chicuelinas to the remove of Javier Cortés. To the descolgada and noble onslaught of the pedraza lacked power and push to get out of the flights. He lost his hands repeatedly. It was worth little the temple and the site that Chacón granted him. Nothing went wrong. In favor of work he did everything to the large room. For the distance offered to play with inertias. And for the lost steps. Well, he responded, like his brothers, to the deceptive mobility of coming but not leaving the accoutrements: the common denominator of the sextet. As it was again the wind in Las Ventas, the most assiduous spectator.

The image of Octavio Chacón with the montera fretted in the last uncle of the Salamanca iron remembered old times. Astifinísimo the morlaco like all the bullfight. Or more. And Chacon again gave sense to the praise on his furnished head: site to make that happen. At your height. That was the one with the toothpick. The other pass, with the sword, gave off a tremendous merit. He tapped his domain without echoing all situations.

It was also curious bull note on the horse the second. Always with an eye on the querencia in a disordered third of banderillas. His humiliation was only of embroque on the crutch. At the end of the pass he disregarded. No evil, yes. Cortés managed to entangle him in his tied left and give him the rhythm he lacked. Only in that series. He did not want the thin one anymore. That cracked. The killer did not comply with the sword. And neither with the stunning fifth, the most trawler and bastard with his jerks. That they had the young man from Madrid against the ropes.

The most serious thing was reading the optional part of Juan Leal: Wound by bull horn in the peri-anal region with an upward trajectory of 25 cm that contusions the sacrum-coccyx, with possible fracture of the same and with an exit hole in the upper left gluteal region . Straight anal examination without evidence of injury. It is operated under general anesthesia. Go to the Muprespa Habana fraternity clinic.

Forecast: Serious

Fdo: Máximo García Leirado


Octavio Chacón, Javier Cortés and Juan Leal

Monumental de las Ventas . Saturday, May 25, 2019. Twelfth fair. Long half entrance (16,472 spectators). Bulls of Pedraza de Yeltes , very serious and corpulent; of deceptive mobility to come and not leave; the most complicated were 5th and 6th.

Octavio Chacón, apple green and gold . Puncture and thrust (silence). In the room, silence and thrust (silence). In the sixth, puncture, opposite thrust and two cheeks (silence).

Javier Cortés, white and gold . Three punctures and fall lunge. Warning (silence). In the fifth, puncture deep bass, two punctures, low thrust. Warning (silence).

Juan Leal , of ivory and gold. Two-stroke thrust. Warning (ear).

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