A YouTuber makes a video in which he claims to destroy the CDU. His criticism is exaggerated, angry and unfair. Luckily.

As he already looks, impossible. The 26-year-old YouTuber Rezo, the hair blue, the hooded orange, nearly two million followers on his two channels, has released on Saturday a 55-minute monologue, in which he claims to destroy the CDU. He got three million clicks on YouTube, many are excited. The CDU is outraged: opinion dictatorship, one-sided, propaganda. And, of course, the blue hair.

Rezo usually entertains his subscribers with music videos and a bit of nonsense, most recently old children's pictures. His real name is unknown. On Saturday he released a video on his tributary Rezo ja lol ey, The Destruction of the CDU. called. The dot at the end of the video title makes it clear how serious this is.

YouTube typical, a lot of blatant, camera slightly from above, lol diggies

Rezo says that the CDU is responsible for ensuring that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer in Germany. The CDU is guilty of destroying the planet because it does not get out of coal fast enough and is against a carbon tax. The CDU (and in this case also the SPD) was partly to blame for the civilians killed by drones in the Middle East, because it allows US soldiers to run a military base in Ramstein, over which these drones could be steered. She also tolerated US nuclear bombs in Germany. The CDU had propagated propaganda and lies about demonstrators, especially in the EU copyright debate. The SPD and the AfD get off a bit, but the CDU mainly because it has been the strongest political force in recent decades. He tells YouTube typical, a lot of blatant, camera easily from above, lol diggies, always to the point thanks to fast cuts, so that he must never say more than three sentences in a row and still always looks sovereign.

The CDU could not think of anything better than submitting Rezo to "opinion dictatorship". This writes one of the Federal Board of the Young Union, Marian Bracht, on Twitter. Because Rezo says there is only one legitimate opinion, his. He suggests that he speaks for the majority, while the CDU is indeed the party with the most voters in Germany. Philipp Amthor, who is the CDU antithesis to Rezo with a side parting and a chocolate-grin, is supposed to prepare a video response.

Rezo's criticism is unfair and exaggerated. Luckily

This reaction is wrong. Of course, politics is more complicated than a YouTube video. US nuclear bombs are also stationed in Germany because Germany relies on NATO and US protection. It is similar with the base in Ramstein. And a People's Party represents the interests of many: on the one hand, the boys whose future endangers climate change. On the other hand, the coal miners who will cost climate policy their job.

Rezo's criticism is in some places unfair and exaggerated. Rezo cites Britain as a positive example of climate policy because the country has succeeded in dramatically reducing its CO2 emissions - but it will continue to generate electricity from nuclear energy. It's clean, but Germany wants to get out of nuclear power. He says that the CDU does not want a CO2 tax, whereas CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer actually spoke out. He refers to a text by Spiegel Online . But the same text also says: Schleswig-Holstein's Prime Minister Daniel Günther is in favor of the CO2 tax. He is also in the CDU.

At another point, Rezo says that the energy company RWE and the CDU would pay each other money. He points to an RWE affair in 2004 and 2005, when it emerged that the then chairman of the employee organization of the CDU and the then CDU general secretary had received money from RWE. Both stepped back. It also became known that RWE had paid hundreds of local politicians. That's true. Subsequently, Rezo says that coal mining would be kept alive in Germany by subsidies. That's right too. But then he establishes a connection between the scandal and the subsidies, while the cited cases are almost 15 years ago. He has no proof that both are connected.

That he argues inaccurate in some places accuse him of the critics from the CDU. You're right. But that's not smart. First, they know best that differentiated criticism makes no headlines. And second, Rezo is neither a journalist nor a Federal Chancellor.

A generation that has realized that only when we are angry does someone listen to us.

He is angry. And he knows that you get attention with anger and exaggeration. Rezo is in his mid 20s, many of his viewers as old as he or younger. They stand for a group of young people who have politicized and organized themselves in the wake of the EU copyright debate and Fridays for Future. Thousands have taken to the streets. Young people who feel that old politicians who have no idea about their lives are destroying the internet and their future. And who, when they raised their voice, had to listen, they were supposed to go on strike in their spare time. You are part of a generation that has realized: Only when we are angry, someone listens to us. Also Rezo is the people.

But angry people have to know a People's Party. Especially politicians of the CDU should think carefully about how they deal with the fact that a young person is very successful with his criticism of them. It is part of the self-proclaimed strength of popular parties to endure and overcome great differences of opinion. Rezo has said in an interview that he would like to talk to the CDU if someone seriously asks. Philipp Amthor should not turn a video, but Rezo call times.