“The EMU can confirm that as a result of the standard practice of revision (points - RT ) we found that due to a human error an incorrect average result was used,” the report indicates.

In accordance with the updated results published on the EMU website, Russian performer Sergey Lazarev with the composition Scream remains in third place with 370 points (previously it had 369 points).

However, some countries have changed their positions in the overall standings. In particular, Northern Macedonia (305 points) moved from eighth to seventh place, overtaking Azerbaijan (302 points). Also, Norway and Sweden, which ranked fifth and sixth in the ranking, switched places.

On the night of May 19, the finale of the international song contest Eurovision-2019 was held in Tel Aviv. The competition was attended by artists from 26 countries.

The winner of the competition was Duncan Lawrence from the Netherlands with the composition Arcade.

The second place was the Italian Mahmood with the song Soldi, the third was the Russian Sergey Lazarev with the song Scream.