We are not doing so well right now. Our heads are buzzing, so much adrenalin, so little sleep.

Our excitement curve began last Friday with the poorly lit party video of two poorly exposed Austrian politicians. She made then a dangling to the biggest hit meeting of Europe and reached on Wednesday evening at 20.15 clock culminating in a completely authentic server collapse of the hitherto completely unknown website dotheyknowitseurope.eu. This can not be true! For a long time the continent will speak about these turbulent days.

When there is so much going on in these living rooms, in the timelines and the tabloids, there is only one question: who is the puppeteer whose name has been kept secret for so long, who pulls the wires, who melts the solder in the garden gazebo?

We do not know it either. Who could think up such a nonsense? To whom would people assume that he could save the Austrian democracy with a coup d'état and also have something spectacular to tell the European community before the general election, something revolutionary, even though he had only knocked a few sayings before?

Who would come up with the absurd idea of ​​setting up a countdown on the Internet without making sure that there is a server behind it that can serve more than 348 user accesses at the same time. You know, people go crazy when counting backwards somewhere!

Who would presume to publish a 13-minute video after this so peaceful, internationally-minded, but so sparkling with musical ideas Eurovision Song Contest, in which peaceable, understanding of the international and musical ideas only as sparkling the European idea is sung about? What should this power measurement be? It's not better than Madonna.

We are at a loss. We torture ourselves, we rack our brains. We wish someone would finally give us some relaxation. Just let the air out, surprise us with something really boring. That is not easy, of course. Who should do that? We would offer a seven figure amount.