Getting the perfect shape and weight is a dream for everyone, so many resort to different diets to lose weight and burn fat and achieve the dream of reaching the ideal body.

However, nutritionists usually recommend a number of drinks that have proven effective in burning fat, especially abdominal area, or so-called rumen, as well as buttocks.

These natural beverages include:

1) Water
Eating too much water is one of the simplest ways to help you improve overall health and contribute to weight loss and burn fat accumulated in the waist area significantly.

According to Health Line, a study of 48 overweight adults found that those who drank 500 milliliters of water before meals, during a low-calorie diet, lost 44 percent more. Of those who followed the same diets to lose weight without drinking water before meals, during the 12-week study.

So the best advice for dieters is to drink water, preferably drinking two glasses of water before meals.

2) Green tea
One of the most effective drinks for weight loss, studies have shown that drinking green tea reduces weight and burns body fat, as it stimulates metabolism.

Many studies have found that people who drink green tea regularly have low blood pressure, reducing their risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease, some cancers and diabetes.

The advice of nutritionists is to try to include green tea in your daily meals regularly, so that you get a cup or two of green tea a day, and of course prefer not to add sugar.

3) Coffee
Many love coffee, but few know that coffee is rich in caffeine that helps to lose weight effectively, and it also contains antioxidants that protect against many diseases.

Studies have pointed to the benefits of caffeine in weight loss because it helps to burn excess body fat, in addition to stimulating the body's metabolic processes.

Moreover, caffeine protects against many diseases, mainly cancer and dementia.

Nutritionists recommend drinking a cup of two to two coffee a day if you are trying to lose weight.

Studies have shown that eating vegetable juice as a magic effect that helps to lose weight, especially in the area of ​​the rumen and buttocks because it contains a large amount of fiber.

Nutritionists are advised to choose green juice, such as cucumber, celery, broccoli, spinach, avocado, parsley, mint, etc., in an effort to lose excess weight, because green juices are aimed at getting the body to an integrated diet, and promotes digestion, and helps in Get rid of the accumulated waste in the body.

Green juice is a useful vegetarian diet, rich in vitamins A, K, C and mineral salts that give enough energy and nutritional value to the body, and green juice works to get rid of body fat and toxins.

It also helps to reduce appetite and give a sense of satiety for a long time without secondary complications, in addition to being low in calories, and has amazing results in weight loss easily.

If you want to improve the taste of the juice, you can always add a few fruits to the juice, such as green apples, lemons and oranges.