What is a sport that prolongs life?

Those who wish to remain healthy and healthy, despite their age, should integrate sport in their daily activities on a regular basis. However, there is a disagreement among the experts concerned as to whether the best is a long light sport or exercise strength. RIA

Those who wish to remain healthy and healthy, in spite of their age, should integrate sport in their daily activities on a regular basis.

But there is disagreement among experts on whether it is best to have a light sport for a long time or to practice strength training.

While many studies point to running sport, a Brazilian study published at Europrevent 2019, held by the European Society of Cardiologists in Lisbon, Portugal, recommends training in light iron weights.

However, sports medicine researchers at the Clinics Hospital in Rio de Janeiro concluded that just lifting weights was not enough, and said the crucial thing was the speed with which the exercises were performed.

In this context, the researchers point to the importance of the relationship between maximum strength and rapid force, and they say the first describes the higher strength the muscles and the nervous system can resist.

Maximum force is used when, for example, a person is forced to drive a stalled vehicle, while rapid force is needed by man to speed up his body or anything else in a short time, such as the power that a person needs to climb the ladder quickly.

"Getting up from the bench at an advanced age or pushing a ball requires quick power," said sports doctor Claudio Gilles Arawio, who oversaw the study. "However, most force training focuses on maximum strength ... so many people focus during their training In the fitness room on weights and weights and on the frequency of exercises, rather than focusing on the speed of performance.

During the study, researchers tested the rapid strength of 3878 non-athletes aged 41 to 85 years (average age 59) and divided the volunteers according to the results into four groups.

In measuring the speed of the force, the researchers chose to practice "rowing in rowing" or standing rowing, in which one of the weights is lifted and placed with elongated arms toward the chin.

The researchers said the move was like a move to raise purchases or raise a grandfather's grandchild.

Six-and-a-half years after the start of the trial, 247 men (10%) and 75 women (6%) died, and the probability of dying was higher in groups with lower speed. In other words, Longer ", according to the sports physician Araujo, noting that the emergence of this effect needed only to be loads slightly higher than the average. He advised doctors to measure the rapid strength of their patients and advised them to practice more strength.

But what if a man is never able to lift weights?

The Europrevent conference here also had good news, as the researchers explained that a Swedish study showed that any kind of movement could prolong life, "where many think they should go to the gym and exercise hard to become more fit and healthy," she said. "While most people just need to have their day active, for example, climbing stairs or riding a bike, as these activities have a positive impact on health, as shown by a study on respiratory fitness And heartbeat under the supervision of Acclimac Pak .. ".

Cardiac and respiratory fitness describes the extent to which breathing and circulatory supply supply the body with oxygen.

The Accumbac team analyzed more than 316,000 Swedish adults between 1995 and 2015. "The important thing is that fitness enhancement has had a positive effect irrespective of the starting point. It is likely that people with lower respiratory fitness can They are the ones who benefit most from improving their fitness. "

Clinician Ellen Acklumback recommended making the measure of fitness power part of health checks. She said lack of fitness was a risk factor, like smoking, obesity and sugar, but has not yet received the same attention.

ref: emara