The new “Reserve”: a comedy based on the story of Dovlatov with Bezrukov in the lead role was released

The comedy “The Reserve” came out in Russian hire - the film was directed by Anna Mathison, based on the story of the same name by Sergei Dovlatov. The picture is set in our days, and the main character, instead of Dovlatov's writer Bob Alikhanov, was rock musician Konstantin. This role was played by Sergey Bezrukov. Also, Anna Mikhalkov, Gosha Kutsenko, Evgenia Kregzhde, Alexander Semchev, Dmitry Khrustalev, Polina Gagarin and others played in the tape.

On December 6, the comedy “The Reserve”, based on the story by Sergey Dovlatov based on the story of the same name, is the fourth joint project of director Anna Matison and Sergey Bezrukov, in this case acting as a producer and actor.

The plot of the picture - as in the original - unfolds in the museum-reserve of A.S. Pushkin “Mikhailovskoye” (that is, in the park “Pushkinvold”), and its main character is the same desperate and descended hero of Dovlatov. True, everything happens in modern realities, and this hero, with the light hand of scriptwriters, has turned from a dissident writer into a drunkard-rocker.

The film begins with a cameo by Polina Gagarina, trying to pull a drunken musician onto the stage. But unsuccessfully. Bezrukov - of course, it is he who plays the main role - will comically fall to the floor into oblivion. It becomes obvious: this situation is quite familiar for the rocker Konstantin, and even the energetic Gagarin cannot change it (let alone his wife and daughter).

So the continuous binges, lack of money and offers, as well as depression on the grounds of his wife's intention to go to Canada and take her daughter with her makes Konstantin go to “mess around” in “Mikhailovskoye” as a guide.

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Very quickly, we understand that Konstantin Bezrukov does not at all resemble the autobiographical hero of Dovlatov Bob Alikhanov. Mainly because it is not the producer or the state censor who is to blame for the professional failures of the musician, but himself. An unprepared viewer is not expecting such a turn - after all, the “Reserve” was published in the USA in 1983, at a time when rock concerts were held by musicians in the Soviet Union at their own risk and peril (the story takes place in 1976-1977).

It was not for nothing that, during his speech before the premiere of the film, Bezrukov joked that the role of Dovlatov would remain “not played” (thus, probably hinting, at the differences between his character and Alikhanov).

Charm Dovlatovskogo Bob stranger to earthly Constantine

Even when meeting Aurora (Sofya Evstigneeva), the hero appears to be Titanic, not Tanker Derbent - this undoubtedly kills Dovlatov's humor, but it becomes clear to a wide audience.

Lost in the "Reserve" Matison and irony, with which the writer noticed the ridiculous behavior of the staff or the ignorance of tourists asking questions about the duel between Pushkin and Lermontov. There is a scene in the film with a visitor to the reserve who is interested in the patronymic of Pushkin’s sons, but this is rather an entourage - the director is trying to focus his attention not on social issues, but on personal issues.

The experiences of the main character relate exclusively to reconciliation with his wife. But even those seem to be sucked from the finger: if Bob Alikhanov really needs to make a difficult choice due to the political situation, then for Constantin living today, this problem is no longer relevant (today a visa to Canada is no longer a one-way ticket. Union). Against this background, Dovlatov's dialogues about the Hermitage and the birch trees sound somewhat false.

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In the reserve, Mathison reigns more pleasant than the situation in Dovlatov. And the wife smiles to Constantine more often, and the sun shines brighter, the environment is friendlier and the people around are always ready to meet the hero of Bezrukov. In other words - “this” world is an order of magnitude simpler, happier and more caricatured than “that.”

The lazy genius Mitrofanov in the beautiful performance of Alexander Semchev, and Viktor Bychkov, who has magnificently become accustomed to the role of Stasik Pototsky, and the incomparable Anna Mikhalkov (guide Galina) perfectly fit into this atmosphere. The characters live happily in the modernized “Mikhailovsky”, take selfies, wear museum merchandise with the image of Pushkin, drink (and Bezrukov also sings). Around the youth is dissecting on Segways, Chinese tourists wandering in flocks.

It may be good that the Soviet law enforcement officers will not come to any of these beautiful people and will not be accused of parasitism. And before the departure of Constantine's wife, no one will reproach that she "runs from a sinking ship."

Of course, zealous fans of Sergey Donatovich may experience unpleasant emotions while watching a movie. However, for those who did not initially perceive the “Reserve” as a version of Dovlatov, the picture is likely to be liked.

There will be more positive impressions from viewing the “Reserve” if you stop comparing it to the story in time and start enjoying it. Moreover, there is something: a strong cast and light atmosphere, a funny melodramatic mix of quotations from the original source, funny festivities and touching flashbacks about the acquaintance of the main characters. Yet, as Bezrukov himself rightly noted, this film is about love.