Spain, Portugal and Cyprus, among the countries with the lowest birth rates

Spain, Portugal and Cyprus are among the countries with the lowest fertility rates in the world, according to a study released on Thursday by the University of Washington (USA).

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Spain, Portugal and Cyprus are among the countries with the lowest fertility rates in the world, according to a study released Thursday by the University of Washington (USA) that places Niger as the country where women have more children, with an average of seven .

Spain , with a total fertility rate (TFR, for its acronym in English) of 1.4, is below the European average (1.6), but above countries such as Portugal (1.3) and Cyprus (one).

These three countries are part of the 91 nations around the world whose women have less than two children over their lives on average, according to the report published in the specialized journal The Lancet.

The low fertility rate in Spain, together with other factors linked to mortality, according to the authors, has caused its population to be declining since 2010, as have Georgia, Poland and Cuba, among others.

"The lowest fertility rates clearly reflect not only the access and availability of reproductive health services, but also that many women choose to delay or give up childbirth in order to have more opportunities for education and employment," explained the study's lead author. , Christopher Murray, in a statement.

In contrast, Niger (7.1) leads the fertility list, followed by Chad (6.7), Somalia (6.1) and Mali (6), which are among the 104 nations with rates higher than two births per month. woman.

These findings are included in the annual "Global Burden of Disease" (GBD) study, which includes more than 38,000 million estimates of 359 diseases and 84 risk factors in 195 countries and territories.

Within this extensive analysis, the researchers from the University of Washington detected that the main cause of death in Spain in 2017 was ischemic heart disease, which occupies that first place since 1990. In contrast, liver cirrhosis, which was in the sixth position Almost 30 years ago, he went down to tenth place.

On the other hand, the main health risks in Spain, according to the study, are smoking, having high body mass indexes and high levels of blood sugar, consuming alcohol and having high blood pressure.

According to the GBD report, Spain is the third country in the world with the best life expectancy, with 72.1 years, only behind Japan (73.1 years) and Singapore (74.2 years).

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