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Philosophenduell Zizek vs. Peterson: With the pocket knife in the artillery battle


Marxist meets right-wing thinkers, 3000 spectators fill the ranks. And then this: Slavoj Zizek has a ridiculously easy game in a duel with Jordan Peterson. Protocol of a rhetorical masterpiece.

In the left corner is Slavojv Zizek , 70, who within 30 years has filled a whole library of books on Marxism, Ideology, Postmodernism, Psychoanalysis, Romance, Violence, Tolerance, Totalitarianism, Opera, Cinema and Literature.

In the right corner is Jordan Peterson , 54, who has written a book about the neurological construction of Sinn and a life counselor. In advance, this joke was advertised as a "debate of the century" by a discussion.

If "Zizek vs. Peterson" was a boxing match, it would have to be canceled because of lack of fairness. Moreover, in all differences, Zizek and Peterson are equally skeptical about identity politics, the LGBTQ movement, and political correctness. So what are you arguing about?

Conspiracy theory gone to the wall?

Nevertheless, if tickets for the 3000-seat Sony Center from Toronto sold out within a few hours and were last traded on Ebay for more than $ 1,000, in the run-up to the legendary duel between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault was remembered in 1971 and worldwide on the Internet 6000 People watched ($ 15 for the stream), then it has serious reasons - and a trivial occasion.

Peterson goes peddling the idea that the LGBT and # MeToo movement is a Marxist method of attacking the foundations of Western culture. Zizek countered publicly that the Canadian colleague was probably a conspiracy theory of the Alt-Right movement on the glue - as the curser he applies.

Peterson demanded Žižek then for a duel. His business model is based on public spectacles as a conservative youtube and podcast influencer. An appearance with the influential philosopher seemed to him to be a win-win situation.

In the first sentence, Peterson heads for the low point

Theme of the exhibition fight: What about the happiness of man in capitalism, as in Marxism; Socialism was probably meant, but the categorical aberration will prove symptomatic. Each opponent is allowed to talk for 30 minutes, then answer for 10 minutes - and face an open discussion of 45 minutes.

Referring to the astronomical ticket prices, Peterson is happy in the first sentence, his career has now reached a new peak. Since he steers already unknowingly to its low point.

In his lecture he is capricious to a surprisingly naive criticism of the "Communist Manifesto", nothing more. He wants to have read it as a central guide to Marxism. In the 170-year-old text, Peterson finds "almost all ideas wrong". Class struggles have nothing to do with capitalism, there are also hierarchies in the animal kingdom "at least since the Paleolithic."

Utopian is the belief that everything can go on like this

As a capitalist, you do not achieve anything by exploiting people. Laughter in the audience.

A few thoughts borrowed from Ronald Reagan and arguments later borrowed from Ayn Rand even make it clear to the layman that there is really nothing left - that Jordan Peterson really has no idea what he's talking about when he leaves his ancestral field of psychology.

Zizek, who probably knew that before, quickly sniffs and shreds through his usual stage program. A Tour d'Horizon, which always serves as a trailer and teaser for his books. Happiness is for idiots. The alleged conservatism of Donald Trump just "postmodern performance". Identity politics a lie of the left, a "silent admission" of their defeat in the actual fight.

Utopian is not communism. But the belief that it could continue as before: "We are in a deep mess!"

Zizek dampens the cheers: "Please, do not do that"

In stark contrast to Peterson, Zizek remains conciliatory. He never tries to give the impression that he really knows: "I see problems here, but I do not see an easy way out!".

He even curbs the jubilation after the end of his speech: "Please, do not do that! Do not take this as cheap competition here", it's about "terrible problems".

The gets in the next question and then his opponent. After all, it is necessary to fight something.

Zizek is surprised at Peterson's "stupid optimism," which is actually a matter for the Marxists. Then he wants to know who exactly these Marxists are that Peterson suspects behind the drives of new-minded identity politicians and LGBTQ activists. Nothing. Peterson turns on his wedding ring.

What a presumption

Now Zizek even provides assistance, names the names of some marginal Neomarxists. Nothing. Peterson strokes his locked laptop, which he unfortunately can not open now. Whereupon Zizek with a cruel elegance puts a knock-out on him: "This is not a rhetorical question with which I kindly implicate that you are an idiot and have no idea what you are talking about."

At least now know the 3000 people in the hall and the 6000 in the network, at least now dawning also Peterson, what he has assumed and that he has lost. He is so vain to use his pocketknife to make an artillery battle.

And at the latest now, the theme of the evening is completely in the background - in favor of a memorable lesson in the art of carrying off a scathing victory without taking away the dignity of the enemy.

Peterson is allowed to berelleln again

Peterson practically rolls on his back and asks the "charismatic, engaging" Zizek, why he still needs this stupid Marxism, where he could long ago have established a ŽZizekismus. Zizek helps him and admits that Marx certainly has his mistakes, that he is actually a Hegelian "and so on and so on".

Visibly dizzy, Peterson is allowed to chill and even do some advertising for his books, while Zizek relaxes a "best of" of his infamous "jokes" from the stack to exemplify his theses. Nils Bohr and his lucky charm. The ideological function of toilets. The cheerful anecdote from the Yugoslav economy of scarcity.

After three hours, their alleged agreement is gone.

Peterson seeks and provokes confrontation with the advocates of political correctness to successfully cross into their headwinds. This is the basis for his career and his fame in the alt-right movement.

Clown with merchandise shop

A clown who dispels his defiance in the official merchandise (hoodies for 47.99, socks, but yes: Jordan Peterson socks for 14.16 euros).

Zizek, on the other hand, has no interests, he has concerns. The "hypermoral" Shitstorm he perceives as an irritating "friendly fire", which he takes as a left with a Socratic smile.

With this attitude, he offered himself this evening as the poor followers of poor Jordan Peterson as a civil alternative.

An entertaining, maybe even healing masterpiece.

Source: spiegel

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