Pedro 'Indultez'

In the first television debate, Rivera, who was the one who had to lose the most and who was almost unanimously voted by the media, said from the first minute to the last

In the first television debate, Rivera, who had the most to lose and the media gave by almost unanimously winner, said from the first minute to the last, both inclusive, a word that decomposed Sanchez: pardon . "He has a written indult on his forehead," he said to open his mouth, and when he saw that he was biting softly, he no longer let go of the prey.

Pablo Casado's awakening helped him when he insisted on asking Cayetana for María Jesús Montero: "Say you will not pardon the coup plotters". But neither the ruinous treasury manager nor her boss Falconetti did it. Which, in my opinion, shows that not only do they plan to do it if they can, but they have already committed themselves in such a way that they can not back down .

What did it cost to lie to Cum Fraude , in whose intellectual heap does not exist the existence of that rare concept to which we usually call truth? Nothing. We have seen him deny himself no longer on the same day and at the same time, but even in the same sentence, which he can inaugurate in black and close in white or vice versa. The radical amorality of Pedro Sánchez is manifested in his absolute indifference to logic and in a stubborn contempt for the most basic coherence.

Why, then, not to maintain its habit of lying, that in the unsurpassed definition of the Catechism it is "to say the opposite of what one thinks with the intention of deceiving"? Because he promised to do it with the coup plotters to support the motion of censure or because he has committed later, either directly, or through his servant, Don Pablenín de Galapagar.

But the commitment to pardon the Catalan coup plotters means putting the Presidency of the Government at the head of a renewed coup d'état , confronting the Supreme Court and confronting the parties that defend national unity and the sovereignty of the Spanish people, the basis of the booklet that has just discovered churches, the Critique of constitutional reason or so. Recently called "the paper of 78" and was proof of the continuity of the Franco dictatorship in the Bourbon monarchy, whose dictatorial character could only see in the damn Transition the blessed ETA. Her video in the herriko taberna is on YouTube, the great cloaca of Podemos.

And while the left calls dialogue to the pardon, to Sánchez, so as not to mislead us, we will call him Pedro Indúltez.

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