Opinion: Love Parade disaster could have been prevented

More than eight years, the Love Parade disaster with 21 dead back. Many questions are still open. An expert comes to the conclusion: The disaster was avoidable.

The Love Parade disaster in 2010 with 21 dead in the opinion of an appraiser in the planning phase could have been prevented. "As part of the planning, approval and acceptance process, there were several clues to determine the unsuitability of the event area for the expected number of visitors," the court expert Jürgen Gerlach concludes in the Loveparade criminal case in an investigation.

It could have been recognized beforehand that in particular the hubs at the entry points were not sufficient for the expected number of visitors, writes Gerlach. Even on the day itself there would have been opportunities to prevent the tragic events. Gerlach had handed over the third and final part of his preliminary written opinion to the court on Wednesday evening.

At the Loveparade on July 24, 2010 in Duisburg, there was such a big crowd at the only entrance and exit to the event grounds that 21 people were crushed and at least 652 injured.

Six employees of the city of Duisburg and four of the organizer Lopavent are charged. The prosecution accuses them of negligent homicide and negligent assault. The criminal case runs on 8 December for exactly one year.

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