Norway: Several casualties in collision of tanker and frigate

Near the Norwegian coast, a tanker and a frigate collided. According to police, seven people were injured.

The accident occurred near Hordaland near Bergen: seven people were injured in a collision between a tanker and a frigate off the coast of Norway. This is reported by the local police.

Rescue services were on the road to help with the evacuation of the two ships, reported local media. The crew of the frigate, a total of 137 people, will be brought to safety, rescue workers reported the TV2. According to local media, the ship is "KNM Helge Ingstad" - the ship has a leak.

According to the rescue workers, there have been no reports of damage or leaks to the oil tanker. It should be about the "Sola TS". According to "" the ship is 250 meters long, 44 meters wide and runs under the Maltese flag.

No information is available on the extent of damage and potential environmental hazards.