Music and political correctness

“Grammy, of course, can be compared with the Oscars as much as you like, but these two awards, conceived in roughly one concept, have long since been scattered in practice. Oscar has moved towards the parade of screen superstar superbeds, further pushing the true heroes of the film process - the public is uninteresting and unnecessary. Grammy keeps its superstars super-rich in check and does not give up, sending awards not so much to singing millionaires as to real achievements in the profession. Namely, in the recording profession. "

Yesterday, in Los Angeles, the next, the 61st award ceremony for merits in the field of recording Grammy. She, of course, can be compared with the Oscar as much as you like, but these two awards, conceived about in the same concept, have long been dispersed in practice. Oscar has moved towards the parade of screen superstar superbeds, further pushing the true heroes of the film process - the public is uninteresting and unnecessary. Grammy keeps its superstars super-rich in check and does not give up, sending awards not so much to singing millionaires as to real achievements in the profession. Namely in the profession of recording. At the same time the place of the product in the charts is almost irrelevant. Because those who choose prize positions still have ears, and taste, and experience. Maybe this is why Grammy is less prone than #metoo than Oscar. Although, maybe because the music business respects and honors its female part, without which there would be no half of the box office.

Nevertheless, this year has not been without scandals. Shortly before the event, several popular performers refused to perform on the Grammy stage - Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Due to a conflict with the producer of the show Ken Erlich. They almost joined the performer named Drake, but still he received the award, and lashed out at Grammy. Everything was said by a friend of mine from a journalism bureaucrat: “Russian journalists will take money and write the truth.”

“We are participants of the estimated sport, and not productive. Therefore, everything depends on the gang of some people who do not cut into what a teenager (originally kid) sings of a mixed race from Canada or a cool Spanish girl from New York, ”said millionaire Lamar. This was an allusion to the Bronx-born Dominican-Trinidadian ruber Cardi Bee, who spoke just shortly before Drake and was nominated for seven positions. Although there is nothing to understand about what she sings - everything is as usual: “You kiss me everywhere, papan, buy Yves Saint Laurent” (I am not joking), albeit with intricate dimensions. But we must understand that Drake's tirade is a reflection of the anti-Grammy-wave, which was raised last year with the text “Give more prizes to black, colored and women”. It actually looks like pure blackmail, because the girls already win five prizes out of eight, not to mention the monstrous commitment to support all these chastooshkas from city suburbs in every way, regardless of the degree of cultural value. So why the hell do you want?

In fact, there are still a lot of musical genres in the world, where it is terrible to say that breakthroughs are men, often white, and in classical recordings, Russian Jews in general, whatever one may say. And what to do? All cancel on raznaryadke from the Ministry of truth in order to support, as they said in the USSR, minorities?

Drake himself won a Grammy for God's Plan as the best rap song. True, success was preceded by the success of a touching charity-video for this work of art. Well, the girl with Yves Saint Laurent under her arm received for the best rap album Invasion of Privacy. And again, we must remember that it is mainly sound engineers who are rewarded - a team that has achieved some success in the profession. In the case of Cardi Bee, it was the producer, whose peak of success is in 2008. The prize for the best performance of rap songs was shared by Kendrick Lamar King's Dead (from the movie “Black Panther” - who wants to listen to the only note in the most banal size, welcome) and Anderson Paak for Bubblin.

Oh, I just don’t need these conversations about the cultural value of rap - I’m hardly ready to listen to them from people who cannot distinguish the sound of the native TB 303 from its digital emulator. It is easier for neophytes to speculate around two shabby notes, rolling their eyes towards Yves Saint Laurent, because on three of them they already get confused and stumble.

Meanwhile, we will rejoice at the old Wayne Shorter, whose quartet received a Grammy for the best instrumental jazz album Emanon, which appeals directly to symphonic forms. Just do not show it to Moscow marketers of sneaker companies - their brains will melt in the second cycle. But a very curious dark-skinned saxophonist was nominated (whatever you wanted, my mummy feminists) Tia Fuller - her line-up tours with Beyonce, and she teaches at Berkeley. Be sure to listen to the winner in the category “Best album of contemporary music” - the Steve Gadd Band - this is what is called: The Steve Gadd Band. Veterans do not surrender.

The Best Country Album was Casey McGreaves's Golden Hour CD. By the way, those who cry for the rights of women in show-biz should more often become acquainted with country music, where the largest cash register is taken by women, and the pop singers there are sobbing alongside the scale of the finance turnover. And yes, this, by the way, has long been no longer the songs of truckers with a guitar. It has long been returning to the roots - to rhythm and blues, and even to its new incarnation - some country performers are difficult to distinguish from Timberlake and co.

With rock, Grammy, as always, is crap from the first note to the last. Because the only sensible nominee for the best rock performance - the Arctic Monkeys group, which managed to push the boundaries of the genre last year - was left without anything. But they gave Chris Cornell (formerly Soundgarden) - to be honest, only because he died.

Well, well, that at least for the "alternative rock album," they gave the Beck prize to Colors. This aging young man continues to move forward somehow, despite the fact that a cohort of the coolest young has already grown on his ideas, which desperately breathes in his back (to take the same King Krule).

Grammy doesn’t add up with "metal" at all - they nominate the most neutered forms of the genre with licked to the production holes records that are unrealistic to listen to. End the Winner of Electric Messiah - High on Fire. Dull exploitation of clichés, irremovable since the 80s.

The Best Rock Song of the Year - Masseduction by St. Vincent. This is good, because the girl is very talented. Naturally, I watched her concert recently live, and this is a figure of the Madonna scale, only for the smart ones.

And the biggest disappointment is “The Best Rock Album”, awarded to the Greta Van Fleet for the second album. GVF I listen to and even love them dearly from the first record, merged into the network. I explain: these are practically children, brothers who woke up somehow in the parental home and instead of the school realized that they were the new Led Zeppelin. However, they are very talented children. The vocalist who copies Robert Plant is so organic that goosebumps would run over the skin if it were not so obvious that the guy just doesn’t know what to do with this voice and looks around foolishly. Each of their songs has analogs in the extensive LZ discography.

The first album was inept, but sincere and sweet. But now, apparently, they took a heavy industry as a counterweight to stupid rap. And the second album is completely overproduced, clamped and killed. And it was for him who was given the highest award in the industry. Are you laughing or something? It seems that the show-business strangle young talents in record time. Only in order to give at least something to people who are tired of the two miserable notes and emotional distress of the drug dealers in the Renaissance.

And time is running out.

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