Marina de Tavira: "The silence of women keeps society"

A guajiro dream is, for those who are not Mexican, an unrealizable fantasy. But desirable even beyond reason. Pure desire For the natives of Mexico it is simply that

Oscar Awards 2019

Marina de tavira in a scene from 'Roma', by Alfonso Cuarón.

She is one of the 10 nominations of 'Roma', by Alfonso Cuarón. Her role as Sofía, the abandoned mother, has earned her the designation as a secondary actress. It is the only Hispanic from such an exclusive list

A guajiro dream is, for those who are not Mexican, an unrealizable fantasy. But desirable even beyond reason. Pure desire For the natives of Mexico it is simply that: a dream that is also a guajiro. There is no need for explanations or subtitles . Marina de Tavira (Mexico City, 1974) began to have Guajiro dreams very soon. He says that with barely three years old, in front of a play he barely understood, he imagined himself on a stage. And just at that moment, before knowing anything else, he knew that it would be what it would end up being: actress, not just anything else. Then, perhaps as a tribute to her great-grandmother who also loves to dream, she dreamed that she could be nominated for an Oscar. And so it was on Tuesday, January 22. And he cried. And he did it with his son. More dreams guajiros? "I do not know, maybe work one day with Amodóvar," he says and laughs. Well, that, attentive that will get away with it.

De Tavira is nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress for her work in Rome. The statistics say that she is the fourth Mexican interpreter to achieve it. In the same position and identical enthusiasm is Yalitza Aparicio, who gives life to the protagonist. "The interesting thing," he reflects, "is that both Cleo and Sofía [the names of their characters in the film by Alfonso Cuarón] are women who have what happens to them not because of rebels or feminists, but because fate and circumstances has forced them to adapt to abandonment. And that, the need, makes them empower themselves by force. They are not suffragists, they are only women. And both represent the silence of all women that keeps society going. Lonely". The quotation marks want to be a declaration of principles. And as such it is shared.

"The film arrives at the right time," he continues. "Not only because of what he says and denounces the role of women, but because of the portrait he offers of how the links between social class and race have been constructed . But not only that". And here it stops. And he continues: "Cleo belongs precisely to the community that is currently detained on the border between Mexico and the United States. Everything that we are living with Trump in the presidency is nothing more than the product of the fear of difference . That is the best and almost only definition of xenophobia. That way we can not keep working. Much more is needed to tear down the walls and Rome makes a small contribution. "

Tavira tells that the story of Sofia, her character, is at the same time the story of Cristina, Alfonso Cuarón's mother, her own mother who could not contain her tears the first time she saw the film and, already, his own. All the women of the world fit into it. "But it is also the story," he continues, "of any spectator from any part of the world because what he talks about is memory, how we build dreams, how we treasure failures and small triumphs . Only in this way is it possible to understand the success of the film in places that have nothing to do with Mexico. "

Remember Tavira while jumping from prize to award, from gala to gala, from recognition to recognition, that everything started in a long conversation. She listened and Alfonso Cuarón related with a precision about everything obsessive about him and each member of his family. «It was weird. I have the impression from a distance that it was a process of emptying. Alfonso told me everything about his mother, how his children were born, how each of the family members was, where they had lived and how they ended up in the grandmother's house. And the latter is important. Many people do not realize that everything runs there, in the house of the grandmother, "he says, takes a second and continues:" And so until shooting began. So, I was already in the movie. It's funny because now I realize that it was all about me trusting myself as Sofia. "

On Netflix, the producer of the film and mother of all controversies, the actress is limited to making explicit a feeling between gratitude and strangeness. "I think it's fair to acknowledge the effort that the chain has made even against its own rules. No other of his films has been seen so much in movie theaters. For the rest, we are living through a period of transition about which there is only hope: we do not know what will happen to the cinema on the platforms, but we know that there is no turning back ». And there he leaves it.

Tomorrow it only remains to check whether the last of Marina's dreams will become reality or not. It will be peasant or it will not be.

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