Life crisis: From heavyweight to balance

Away from higher, faster, further: Michael Klotzbier, ex-160-kilo man, buries his mission to weigh under 100 pounds. Why? Because as an "ambassador of thicknesses" he fights against the stigmatization of obese people.

Who believes that I am now at 80 kilograms arrived and lead a life in a well-toned body, I have to disappoint unfortunately. All the loud critics, who predicted that after my marathon on my 37th birthday I will get fat again, were unfortunately right: I weigh at the moment a stately 135 kilos.

My mission "Under 100" has failed, done, buried.

I would like to tell you how this came about and why today I am pursuing a new goal with more determination, motivation and, above all, more experience than ever before. Honest and without self-shit.

A beer here, a cake there

I competed on 1 January 2015 as a 160 kilo colossus to lose weight with fun, healthy and integrated into everyday life. I cycled to work, did regular Nordic walking and occasionally aqua jogging. The worst nutritional sins such as sweetened drinks, chips, pizza and alcohol I have consistently omitted.

And lo and behold: If you consume more energy than you eat, you lose weight. After less than two years I had lost 50 kilograms, on the day of the Berlin Marathon in September 2016 I weighed 108 kilos. The goal I reached in 04:56:04 hours, then I even celebrated with family and friends.

From there, however, looking back, the role began backwards into old habits. I loosened the reins and allowed myself something more often. A beer here, a cake there. What had not been on my diet for two years, or I had allowed myself as a "sin" once a week, I enjoyed from that time again regularly.

Everything went terribly wrong

Until the Triathlon Challenge against my former colleague Hajo Schumacher in September 2017, I almost unnoticed 10 kilos. But not only did I jog regularly, but I also cycled several hundred kilometers a week and went swimming regularly, so the extra kilos did not worry me.

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After the triathlon, however, I missed the goals - and my bastard along with old eating habits gained the upper hand in the coming months: I increased even further. Fewer sports and bad diets were one thing, but it also added stress in the family and the death of a very good friend. In addition, I lost my job and was disappointed by supposed friends.

I felt like 20 years back in time when I was still an aspiring football talent who dreamed of professional football - and when a cruciate ligament rupture broke everything. At that time my favorite hobby and my friends were suddenly gone from the team, my girlfriend left me. I did not manage my Abi and became a bullying case in the training company.

Even in 2018 everything just seemed to go awry. But unlike 18 years ago, I knew that you could overcome such a low. That whining does not help, but not suppression.

Deep blows are part of life

I struggled step by step - with 15 kilos more on my back now - back to life. New job, new city, new colleagues, new friends. All this cost me energy, strength and, above all, time, which I lacked at the end of the day for exercise and healthy nutrition.


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At the same time, frustration and loneliness were often stronger than my fighting spirit. I was often sick and moved even less. In the meantime I weighed 135 kilos and had a blood pressure of 160/130 mmHg. In my chest, I often felt a sting. When my doctor also discovered a thrombosis in my leg at the end of 2018 and a tumor was suspected as the cause, a single feeling spread through me: fear. I ended up exactly where I never wanted to go again.

Today I know: All these return, fate and low blows are part of life. I admit my failure. But I want to take care of myself and my health again, I want to live up to the responsibility for my child. Diet should not become a religion and sport should be fun. I want to get away from higher, faster, farther, away from a number. #Greater weight balance is my new credo.

As ambassador of thicknesses, I fight for the destigmatization of obese people. We are not sick, lazy or undisciplined. Each of us has our own story. But I am convinced that no situation is hopeless.

The way to my feel-good weight, on which I want to deal with the topics exercise, nutrition and mental health, I will document here and in my diary on again at regular intervals.