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Jungle Camp, Day 9: General to schwanzig


The jungle has a small depth: At the start of the second week of camp, the action splashing along like crocodile-like eggs. Namely, after all, we are still here at RTL, quite literally.

Penisverwirrung of the day: "I have nothing to do with the tail, I had nothing to do and I will have nothing to do," Evelyn in the jungle camp to one of their now well-known Doofberichterstungen to: "I'm really too swank!"

The latter sentence sums up this year's nude ink scene selection from a chewed-up view of the audience, but the trigger for Evelyn is the kangaroo tail delivered for dinner. "He has certainly sperm inside," she gasps, because she does not realize that it is the meatballs obviously not the genitals, but the back support limbs.

Now it would have been interesting in view of the almost yottaoberarmdicker dimensions of the Scheinschwengels, Evelyn even make a rough anatomical sketch of the associated kangaroo: How should the hopping animal in such an oversized behaved probably move forward? With small support wheels on the genitals?

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Day 9: Sibylle is out

Dramaturgic sticking point of the day: What use blows in thoughts? And where does the nice truckload of slaughter-warm beef, which Yotta and the CWM had dumped when they arrived at the camp, rot for days? "Hinterfotzige bastard", although the first calls the second, but unfortunately only in his absence. "Fuck me, and I fuck you twice back," promises Yotta a rather metaphorical Bumsediscount. Meanwhile, the big showdown between the two mythical male figures is still coming.

Freud fantasy of the day: She is immobilized in a cage, trapped! On her, puffing, foully steaming: a warty leather animal, his claws on her body, which also spontaneously echoes with pleasure - sounds like an unappetizing self-healing dream in which Doreen processes the accumulated assaults of grubby camper Tommi.

It was actually yesterday's jungle test, which for once was not an abruptly ended giselliges get-together, but was actually started. And in which, among other things, a crocodile relieved on the rigid Doreen. "There was more to it than peephole, was that a boy?" She inquired afterwards as subtly as one with Krokosudel on the pants is just as possible. Felix then rummaged around on a rat table, and then they knew again why the exam part is always the least interesting jungle aspect.

Info of the day: "I have to shit like a pig," Doreen said after the exam. Apparently, the alternating warm Krokoauflage intestines had solved any blockages: "There are nine days in there."

Schrott-PR of the day: "Today I can say, today is the press release out," exulted Felix and now told again what we all but already know again and already irrelevantly forgot: He will father. And one who knows what children really need: "I'll be such a father who says: Honey, we're at Toys'R'Us, pick five things, no matter what." Because this Konsumdeppertheit alone is not enough, equal to a load of Pinkschwachsinn afterwards: "I want to have a girl, so ne little princess!". And the CWM fundamentally stifles behind: "Yes, you can dress so horny." Maybe you should just give up.

Scrap PR of the Day II : Barely out of the camp, Domenico is shaken by an acute Influenzer thrust: "Check how many followers I have, if those have risen," the Großschopferte still assigns an RTL employee during his return transport Instagram check on.

Then we finally see again scenes from perhaps the most beautiful dramaturgical under-genre at IBES: The enlightening conversation that brings the camp offenders on their return to the Hotel Versace from their career fantasies again on the ground of the facts, optionally carried out by a clumsy friend umdiplomatierenden or always operettenhaft Manager. "There was a bit of bad stuff", friend Luigi moderates the Domenicosche PR debacle in a friendly Italian conversation. But pleasing: After all, the awareness of the language has meanwhile also spread to undreamt of demographic layers, as can be read from Luigi's remarks on Evelyn: "It is there as a victim." That's right, brother, or sister.

And who was picked out? Sibylle, that's a pity. After all, she delivered before her departure for the finale, a golden semantics fresh from the ekelfleckigen "What says a porn actress, who is just thrown out of the jungle camp?" - Joke: "There you just can not get in there."

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