Gender Equality: Gender-Friendly Language in Hanover no obligation

Hanover's administration should formulate administrative texts gender-neutral. The city wants to take into account the "multiplicity of sexual identities".

The capital of Hannover, Lower Saxony, has announced its intention to increasingly use gender-appropriate language in its administration. The city published a booklet with a recommendation. But the implementation is voluntary: "It's a process, nobody is forced," said a spokeswoman.

Within the town hall, therefore, there have been positive reactions and constructive demands so far. The city wants to take into account the language recommendation of the "multiplicity of sexual identities". In addition, it complies with the new legislation, according to which, for example, since January 1, the third gender is kept in the register of civil status. Administrative language should address women and men as well as those who do not describe themselves as women or men, is in the recommendation.

If possible, the pamphlet should use phrases such as the podium instead of the lectern or the attendance list instead of the list of participants. If there is no alternative, the gender star is recommended - for example, the spelling of the * the engineer * in.

According to information from the German Association of Cities, municipalities such as Leipzig, Flensburg and Tübingen have already dealt with gender-appropriate language in the past. Hanover so far used the so-called Binnen-I, for example in teachers, which is now replaced by the asterisk (*).