Elvis Presley traffic lights in Friedberg: Stop and Rock

Elvis Presley was stationed for a while in Friedberg, Germany. There is still a lot going on in the city around the "King of Rock'n'Roll". Since its newest, its silhouette also regulates the traffic.

Stand with red, with green - dance? So you could interpret at least three new pedestrian lights around the Elvis Presley Square in Friedberg. They show the silhouette of the "King of Rock 'n'Roll", which died in 1977.

The red light shows Presley standing at the microphone. The green signal presents the pedestrians an Elvis at the famous hip swing. As the "Wetterauer Zeitung" reported, the police had agreed to the extraordinary traffic light.


Elvis Presley traffic light in Friedberg

Presley was stationed from October 1958 to March 1960 as a soldier in Friedberg and lived during this time in neighboring Bad Nauheim. In both cities, the "King" is therefore a big topic.

An "Elvis Presley Club" is active in both cities. In Bad Nauheim, there are still pilgrimage sites where fans drop candles, flowers or small gifts. In addition, the city organizes a "European Elvis Festival.

Also in other cities there are special traffic light figures - such as a Mainzelmännchen in Mainz and a Kasper in Augsburg.

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