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It's pitching for Airbus. The European aviation giant is attacked from all sides.

Donald Trump accuses Airbus of benefiting from European subsidy.

In retaliation, he threatens to overtax for $ 11 billion worth of European products. Airbus of course, but also wine, fish, olive oil or even handbags.
Obviously, all of this comes in a particular context. Boeing is very weak with the setbacks of the 737 Max, which leaves a boulevard to Airbus. The proof, two weeks ago, China has placed a mega order of 30 billion euros to buy A320 (which is the direct competitor of 737 Max, grounded).
All this was well worth a retaliatory shot of Donald Trump.

More seriously, Airbus is mainly threatened by the US in the field of corruption. This is terrible, but to avoid a trial, Airbus must self-denounce with a key fine that could be in the billions. Or, we are not there yet, a ban on access to public markets.
This is an economic war that is being fought by the Americans. In ambush, the Chinese are struggling to have their own aircraft manufacturer (a Chinese manufacturer). To go faster, they demand technology transfers from Europeans.

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Does that mean that Airbus is in danger?

We can see that the Americans are attacking and that the Chinese are rushing to pick up the pieces.
It is the former German Foreign Minister (Zimmar Gabriel) who in this terrible picture, the Europeans are like herbivores who evolve in a carnivorous world.
The problem is that Airbus is more than a company, it is the symbol of Europe that works and the symbol of what we can do together.
This is the responsibility of the new CEO of Airbus who will be inducted on Wednesday, the French Guillaume Faury. He will have to evolve in a carnivorous world.

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