Dick Cheney and the vice of absolute power

Filmmaker Adam McKay shows how George W. Bush's vice president was one of the key players in the US invasion of Iraq.

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Christian Bale (Dick Cheney, left) and Sam Rockwell (George W. Bush) in Adam McKay's film, "Vice". MATT KENNEDY / ANNAPURNA PICTURES 2018 / MARCH FILMS

Adam McKay walks his carcass of good giant - 1.98 meters - with a teenager smile that prepares a bad shot. "Next time, I could tackle global warming ," he says. But it will be in comic form, I do not want my children to take for a sinister. There is little risk. The American director, 50, comes from there - comedy. It's his way of telling tragedies.

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He welcomes us in Paris, where he came to present his latest film. Vice reports how Dick Cheney, the Vice President of George W. Bush (2000-2008), was one of the key players in a major strategic disaster: the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States McKay's criminal record is getting worse. In 2015, with The Big Short , he defended the greed and stupidity of Wall Street, responsible for another global catastrophe: the crisis of 2008 and its metastases, which still shake America and the United States. Europe. Donald Trump and his European populist worshipers, McKay continues, are the children of the operation in Iraq and the subprime crisis .

A good living, lazy, more focused on beer than on studies, which, under the leadership of his wife, will turn into a professional of politics

This Thursday, February 7, in Paris, the filmmaker "remakes the accounts." The invasion of Iraq has brought death and chaos to this country. She revived jihadism like never before. It gave birth to the so-called Islamic State organization. It ravaged Iraq and Syria and increased attacks in Europe. Several hundred thousand Iraqis and more than 4,500 American soldiers were killed in those years of lead - from 2003 to today. The images of Abu Ghraib, like those of Guantanamo, have undermined the reputation of the most powerful of the democracies of the planet. The balance sheet is that of a drama of biblical proportion.

But why Richard Cheney in the role of the prince of darkness? What was special about this politician from Wyoming, "a country of good guys," "solid"? McKay asks. How did Cheney become one of the conductors of the Iraqi debacle? Vice paints the masterful portrait of a good living, lazy, more focused on beer than on studies, which, under the leadership of his wife, will turn into a professional of politics. He begins at the bottom of the ladder in Washington: parliamentary assistant, in the service of Donald Rumsfeld, one of the most prominent Republicans elected in the 1960s. Over the years, he becomes one of the chief operators of this machinery. Washington's ruling power - in turn secretary-general of the White House, elected Republican shock to the House, defense minister, boss of the oil logistics firm Halliburton, the time of a Democratic presidency, then vice President of George Bush Junior.

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